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$7M+ paid out
to investors

NextSeed has already paid out over $7M in cash returns
to investors. Earn potential cash payments through
unique revenue-share and debt financing investments.

This chart displays payments resulting from offerings facilitated by
NextSeed TX LLC, NextSeed US LLC, and NextSeed Securities, LLC between
the third quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of 2020 utilizing Texas'
intrastate crowdfunding exemption, Regulations CF and D. Past results may
not be indicative of future performance, crowdfunding investments are
subject to total loss of principal.

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Diversify your portfolio with investments
in revenue-sharing businesses

These are just a few of investments that have helped to pay out over $7M in cash returns to NextSeed investors.

Offerings open for investment

Explore pre-vetted investment opportunities available in a growing number of industry categories.

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Ready to invest?

NextSeed is now part of Republic

Republic — an industry leader among private investment platforms. On NextSeed, you can explore debt investments and offerings in Main Street businesses. Learn more about opportunities across tech startups, gaming, crypto and real estate assets at


Impactful investments
in meaningful businesses
since 2015

NextSeed is a pioneer in facilitating innovative debt and revenue-based investments in small businesses, completing the first-ever Regulation CF offering and building out a unique investment infrastructure that enables an entire closed-loop ecosystem for payments and investor distributions.

NextSeed shares Republic’s mission of democratizing finance through capital markets, building prosperous communities along the way.

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Competitive returns

Invest for potential monthly payments and cash distributions from investments in job-creating, community-building small businesses. NextSeed collects and processes any returns directly into your NextSeed investment account.1

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Inspiring founders

Over 75% of the dollars invested on NextSeed have gone to companies founded by women and people of color.2 Explore businesses founded by veterans and active duty military, as well as first-generation Americans.

Looking to raise capital
for your growing business?

Whether expanding or opening a brand-new concept, we make
it easy to raise money from thousands of local investors.

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1Data reflects figures from offerings conducted by NextSeed TX LLC, NextSeed US LLC and NextSeed Securities, LLC as of October 2020

2This calculates the percent of businesses that began the application process, passed NextSeed's objective diligence criteria, and launched an offering on the platform since NextSeed's inception.