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Historically, only 3% of applicants are approved and launch an offering on NextSeed.1
Exclusive deals
Opportunities that were once privately reserved for wealthy and well-connected investors.
Impactful investments
Invest in job-creation, driven by entrepreneurs in communities across the country.
Plus, over 75% of the dollars invested have gone to companies founded by women and people of color.2
Returns processed for you
No need to chase payments. Over $6 million facilitated to investors through the platform to date.3

1This calculates the percent of businesses that began the application process, passed NextSeed's objective diligence criteria, and launched an offering on the platform since NextSeed's inception.

2 3 Data reflects figures from offerings conducted by NextSeed TX LLC, NextSeed US LLC and NextSeed Securities, LLC as of October 2020

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The uninvested cash in your account4 is FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

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4NextSeed accounts are provided and held at our partner bank, Happy State Bank DBA GoldStar Trust Company ("GoldStar"), which provides FDIC insurance for uninvested cash in NextSeed accounts.

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These are just a few of the pre-vetted opportunities available in a growing number of industry categories.

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