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The Native Hostel and Bar & Kitchen | Raised $396,500 from 227 investors

Investing isn’t just for Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Everyone can now access exclusive investment opportunities and build a financial portfolio with local businesses. All investments include risk and could result in total loss.

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3 live deals


Seattle's only brewery and tasting room exclusively dedicated to producing farmhouse and wild beers. A welcoming 50-seat tasting room, outdoor beer garden and kitchen for monthly pop-up events.

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Fair Isle Brewing

Seattle, WA

$239,400 raised by 206 investors

Coffee Shop

The Treasury is Phase I of the revival of a Portland institution, Ye Olde Towne Crier. Guests can enjoy relics of Portland's past while enjoying a fresh brew of coffee or beer in The Treasury.

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The Treasury

Portland, OR

$25,600 raised by 54 investors

Bar & Restaurant

Popular Fort Worth restaurant, bar and entertainment venue opening its newest location in Houston. Family-friendly atmosphere, approachable menu, and extensive beer and cocktail selection.

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America Gardens

Houston, TX

$319,300 raised by 354 investors

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¹ Includes amounts invested in offerings completed through NextSeed US LLC ("NextSeed") and NextSeed TX LLC ("NextSeed TX"), an affiliate of NextSeed. The aggregate amount invested through NextSeed is $9,181,100 and the aggregate amount invested through NextSeed TX is $1,303,500.

² Historical figures only. Past performance of one business is not a guarantee of future results of another business.


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