Invest in each other. Grow together.

Our mission is to build
prosperous communities by making meaningful investments accessible to everyone.

We are a fast-growing fintech company that empowers everyday investors to invest directly in local businesses, enabling private companies across the US to raise capital directly from their community. The Next Seed, Inc. operates NextSeed Services LLC, a fully-integrated online investment platform, and NextSeed Securities, LLC, a forward-thinking investment banking practice.

We've built our brand and our platform
on three core values


Our team of experts vet every offering on our platform, giving people real opportunities to invest in businesses they believe in.

Top 3%
Business applicants approved and launched campaigns1
Campaigns meet fundraising goals2


We’re reinventing how local economies can grow from within by offering access to new forms of investments and capital.

May 2016
NextSeed US LLC became the first Funding Portal registered by the SEC
October 2018
NextSeed Securities, LLC is licensed and registered with the SEC as a broker-dealer


We empower entrepreneurs from all walks of life to follow their dreams and give back to their communities.

$12 million
Invested in women and minority-owned businesses3
Investment dollars go to women or minority-owned businesses4

1 This calculates the percent of businesses that began the application process, passed NextSeed's objective diligence
criteria, and launched an offering on the platform since NextSeed's inception.

2 Historical figures only. Past performance of one business is not a guarantee of future results of another business.

3,4 Data reflects figures from offerings conducted by NextSeed TX LLC, NextSeed UC LLC and NextSeed Securities, LLC as of December 2019.