Get access to flexible debt financing without giving up ownership. We'll throw in a small army of new fans and customers.

There's a better way to find investors for your next project

Selling ownership of your business to a handful of accredited investors isn’t your only option. You can now create a debt offering and invite the broader community to invest in your growth.

On NextSeed, anyone can invest in your business without the hassles of traditional fundraising. We streamline the process from the first $100 (minimum) investment to the final payment back, so you can focus on your business.

The Native Hostel and Bar & Kitchen raised $396,500 from 227 investors

Turn your financing need into a marketing opportunity

Your NextSeed page isn’t just for fundraising. Tell your story to NextSeed’s growing network of investors as well as your own friends, family and fans from all over the country. We provide your team with our marketing expertise the entire way.

How NextSeed works for you

Get Approved

Quickly find out if NextSeed is right for your business. Our online application guides you through the process, and we're here to answer questions along the way.

Create and Launch

From crafting and designing your content to helping you file the necessary paperwork, our team of financial, legal and marketing specialists will help you at every step.

Promote and Get Funded

Tap into our expert marketing, advertising and PR support. We’ll provide you the tools and support to raise funds successfully.

Repay and Engage

NextSeed provides investor management support that streamlines your monthly payments, investor updates, reward fulfillment and even their annual tax forms.

What businesses are saying about the NextSeed experience

“NextSeed's all in one platform gave my business the resources to expand quickly and engaged our community to invest locally. This was a win-win experience for my team and we're excited to continue our partnership with NextSeed.”

“The NextSeed process was extremely smooth and allowed me to focus on getting Pitch 25 up and running. The amount of community buzz that we got through this process gave our business a huge boost.”

“The beauty of NextSeed is that your followers and patrons get to be a part of what you're creating. There's no better way to access this many investors while retaining 100% ownership.”

Jess Hughes

CITIZEN PILATES raised $100,000 from 75 investors

Brian Ching

Pitch 25 raised $549,900 from 392 investors

Michael Dickson

Native Hostel raised $396,500 from 227 investors

We offer two financial products

Term Loans

$50,000 – $1 million

With a term loan, you have a fixed monthly payment at a set interest rate. Each month, your payments are steady and predictable.
This is great for businesses with steady cash flow and the ability to start making payments immediately. Plus, there's no prepayment penalty, so you can simply pay off the whole thing early.

Revenue Sharing Loans

$100,000 – $1 million

With revenue sharing loans, you're sharing a percentage of your gross monthly revenues until you fulfill a total payment back to investors.
This is great for new businesses that have a ramp up time (i.e. construction) or are driven by seasonality. The structure can give you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Get pre-qualified today

How much are you looking to raise?

Option A

Prior year performance:
At least $300,000 annual revenues
and 15% net margin

Owner's credit score
At least 620

You could be
approved for:

48 months @ 18.0%

Option B

Prior year performance:
At least $500,000 annual revenues
and 15% net margin

Owner's credit score
At least 650

You could be
approved for:

24 months @ 12.0%
36 months @ 14.0%
48 months @ 16.0%

Option C

Prior year performance:
At least $1,000,000 annual revenues
and 10% net margin

Owner's credit score
At least 700

You could be
approved for:

24 months @ 10%
36 months @ 12%
48 months @ 14%

How we stack up

Bank Merchant Cash Equity Investors
Amount Amount $50k–$1MM $250k+ $20k–$100k Variable
Total cost APR¹ Total cost APR¹ Term Loans 10–18%
Revenue Sharing Loans 15-25%
7 – 15% 50% 30%+
21+ days 2 – 9 months 14+ days 3 – 9 months
Security Security Flexible collateral terms Personal guarantee and asset collateral required Daily Cash Withdrawal Variable
Capital Base Capital Base Community, potential fans
and customers
Bank Institutional lenders Typically accredited Investors
Additional Fees¹ Additional Fees¹ 5 – 10% success fee
3 – 8% origination fee 3 – 10% origination fee Expensive legal fees
Marketing benefits Marketing benefits Platform for storytelling
Pre-opening buzz
Small army of advocates
Expert marketing consultation
None None None

¹ For illustrative purposes only based on general market terms.
Specific rates offered and fees required by specific lenders or investors may vary drastically based on facts and circumstances.

Alkalign Fitness Studio | Raised $100,000 from 125 investors on NextSeed

The added value of NextSeed's services

NextSeed’s fee is a one-time fee charged only to successful offerings.

The full-service experience includes:


Handling all required banking, escrow and payment processing fees paid to third-party providers.


Helping you design and create your campaign content.


Assisting the preparation of legal disclosures and the filing of required legal documents with the SEC.


Marketing, advertising and PR guidance for your campaign.


Facilitating Q&A during the offering.


Collecting investment commitments and distributing funds to you.


Servicing your note payments to your underlying investors.


Preparing and distributing tax forms to investors at the end of the year.

NextSeed can help your business raise anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million per offering. A business may launch follow-up offerings on NextSeed but can only raise up to $1 million under Section 4(a)(6) crowdfunding offerings during any 12-month period under Regulation Crowdfunding.
We focus on helping consumer-facing, brick-and-mortar businesses in the food and beverage, health and wellness, fitness, hospitality and co-working industries. New business startups are welcome to apply to be listed on NextSeed – many businesses on NextSeed are new. Please keep in mind that businesses are expected to make monthly payments to investors, and therefore you should expect your business to start generating revenues shortly after opening.
Debt financing through a NextSeed raise can take the form of senior or mezzanine debt financing. Senior debt would replace a bank loan. Mezzanine debt could replace the need for you to contribute more cash, replace the need for additional equity investors and can satisfy a bank’s required debt-to-equity ratio if you are getting a bank loan.

Two key criteria that apply to any type of debt crowdfunding are that (1) crowdfunding should not be the single source of financing and (2) the business must be capable of generating sufficient revenue in the near term to service the debt. A business that can satisfy both of these criteria can utilize debt crowdfunding as part of its overall financing strategy.

Keep in mind that crowdfunded debt securities (both mezzanine and senior) generally have higher rates than bank loans. This is mainly because they have less restrictive covenants – for instance, personal guarantees may not be required.
With NextSeed, you get to have the community engaged in the process. On average, NextSeed campaigns receive nearly 10,000 unique visitors who spend an average of 5 minutes on each page. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Plus, you get our team’s expert marketing and public relations support throughout the process.

Successful issuers gain an army of investors who will promote your business, refer friends and family and become your customers.

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