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Whether you’re raising capital for an expansion, a new venture or to improve your current capacity, our financial products put you in control. Grow your business with people who can support your growth. Note that all options provided are for informational purposes only. Each business is unique, and specific terms may vary based on facts and circumstances of each business. Contact us to find a solution that works best for your business.

Preferred Equity

How does it work?

Selling preferred equity offers greater flexibility for business owners. Payments and dividends are based on actual profits or net cash flow and don’t require collateral in the business.

Selling ownership to investors will align your interests and allows investors to share in the success of the business.

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Who is this option best for?

There are several situations that make the selling of equity the best choice for a business.

Equity may be best for high growth businesses that are looking at a long-term return. Some businesses need to reinvest all their cashflow back into the business to support their long-term growth. Consumer packaged goods companies are a good example.

Other instances require that a business raise significant amounts of capital and are at an earlier stage of fundraising.

This may also be best for businesses that are also seeking capital that can be leveraged for a larger bank loan or debt raise while eliminating strict remedies if the investment is not paid back timely.