First-generation Americans are driving innovation

Immigrants have, since the founding of America, played a vital and remarkable role in the growth of the country’s economy. From the stories of Levi Strauss and Alexander Graham Bell to their contemporaries Sergey Brinn (Google) and Hamdi Ulukaya (Chobani), the journeys of some of our most celebrated entrepreneurs have begun outside of the United States.

Recent studies have shown that immigrants are starting companies at about twice the rate of native-born Americans. Although first-generation Americans only account for approximately 15% of the population, they account for close to 25% of the entrepreneurs in the US.

These enterprises include some of the largest corporations in the world. Further, if the children of immigrants (2nd Gen) are included in the data, the impact and contribution of immigration is even more clear. Among the companies listed in the Fortune 500 (in 2017), 43% were founded or co-founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. Among the Top 35 corporations, that share was as high as 57%.

First-generation American entrepreneurs also have an outsized role in connecting global trade and commerce. Businesses are 60% more likely to export goods and services if they were founded by immigrants. In recent years, exports have played a critical role in the country’s growth.

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