Timing of Receipt of Funds

If you have all the requested documentation and provide timely responses, you prepare a campaign in as little as 2–4 weeks.

The duration of a campaign is a minimum of 21 days, and depends on amount raised:

$100,000 raise will have a suggested duration of ~4–6 weeks

$1,000,000 raise will have a suggested duration of ~4–6 months

All in all, expect at least 2 months from accepting offering terms to receiving funds.

In comparison, banks are able to provide money directly, but could take approximately 6 months to approve a loan. For an equity raise, you may spend months and months pitching your venture but end up nowhere. There’s no guarantee that you will reach your goal on NextSeed either, but you won’t be spending an inordinate amount of time pitching investors instead of working on your business.