Submitting An Application

When you submit a NextSeed business application, we will review it to see if we’re a good fit for your needs. The application is quick, free and accessible online. 

Step 1: Pre-qualification 

This is a quick 5-minute application where we collect information about your business to see if your business meets the following basic requirements:

  • Your business should be consumer-facing (B2C)
  • You need to have a business entity
  • Your company must be organized in the United States
  • Your personal credit score must be at least 620 if applying for debt financing

You will need to provide some basic information and projections you have for the business, including gross sales, cost of goods sold, operating expenses and net income.

Click here to submit a Pre-Qualification Application.

You will receive an instant notification based on your responses if you are pre-qualified. If you have any questions or corrections to your application, please email

Step 2: Business details, financial performance and other documentation 

If your application meets the criteria to pass our pre-qualification process, our team will be in touch to begin collecting the following information and documents in order to process your full application.

  1. Upload your business plan – this is required under Regulation Crowdfunding rules. If you do not have a business plan, here is a handy guide to get you started.
  2. Provide information about any existing debt your business may have.
  3. Provide the legal name, SSN, years of experience and percentage of business ownership for the owners of the business.
    Note: We ask for social security numbers because we are required to conduct certain background checks on individuals seeking to raise funds under Regulation Crowdfunding.
  4. Upload a financial statement that includes 5-year projections and historical financials (if available).
  5. Upload your personal tax returns from the prior 2 years OR your business tax returns from the prior 3 years.
  6. Upload business lease (or mortgage).
  7. If requesting debt financing, indicate that your business will provide a blanket lien to secure your NextSeed debt financing. If you have existing debt with liens attached, a second lien will be accepted. The lien will not be filed unless and until you receive funds from a successful NextSeed raise.
  8. If requesting debt financing, indicate if you agree to provide a personal guarantee. Personal guarantees are optional and not required. If you choose to provide one, it may give investors more confidence in your project and could lower the terms of your offering.
  9. If requesting equity financing, we may reach out to you for additional information once the application is submitted.

We will be in contact with you during this process if needed to assist. Our team of experienced professionals is able to help you achieve your financing target with your business goals in mind.