Telling Your Story

Once you’ve settled on the terms of your proposed investment offering and signed the NextSeed Placement Agency Agreement, we’re ready to dive in and get your offering page suited up. NextSeed assists you during the entire campaign creation process.

Telling your story

On average, visitors spend 4–8 minutes per visit reading your page and getting to know your business. This is your chance to make a lasting impression and create anticipation for what you’re planning.

Visitors want to know about you/your team:

  • Why are you creating this business?
  • What is your (or your team’s) journey that has led to this moment?
  • What experience does your leadership team bring to the project, and what roles will they play to ensure the success of the business?

They also want to know about your business:

  • How will you use the proceeds you raise?
  • What products and services will your business offer to generate revenue?
  • What are the risks your business might face?
  • Why does the location you’ve chosen make sense for your business?
  • Why will your business appeal to your local market?
  • What kind of community impact will your business have?
  • What major milestones have you reached, and what lies ahead?

Your business’s brand and personality should shine through your offering page–NextSeed will assist in getting your message out loud and clear.