Maximize Your Reach

I believe that my business’s success is due to my strong local community and I want them to join the rise of my business in an easy way. Including them can help grow my brand as I expand to new locations. I want my patrons to start spreading word-of-mouth buzz before the next store opens!

Raising money for your business on NextSeed is not just about accessing capital. It’s about marketing, sharing your story, and getting your community engaged.

In fact, even if you have all your financing locked down, entrepreneurs can use NextSeed to simply activate and impact their city.

If you want to have fans or employees participate in the success of your business, you could allow them to invest in your company. Or, perhaps you’re expanding your business or starting on a new venture and want to generate buzz before opening your new location.

Note that it is difficult for business owners to manage a large amount of investors on their own—you’ll need to pitch and negotiate with individuals, follow up to collect money, make payments or distributions regularly, address their issues and keep them updated constantly.

NextSeed allows business owners to easily receive and manage investments from a large contingent, as NextSeed services (through our partner bank) include the streamlined collection of funds, administration of all monthly payments and we even distribute tax forms to all your investors each year throughout the term of the investment.

As part of a NextSeed capital raise, you could showcase your business directly to a large local audience. Since you’re offering an investment opportunity, potential investors are more likely to spend a good deal of time learning about your business.

Even before you open, your campaign allows you to effectively pre-market your business to build up a fan base of engaged investors – ones who are emotionally and financially committed to patronizing and promoting your business. It may be hard to ask existing customers to do more than leave a review on Yelp or Facebook, but if you have an army of investors, they are solidly on your side—ready and willing to recommend your business.