▶ Video - Part 3: The Road Ahead -- Survive, Reset, Thrive

Contributed by Civitas Capital Group

Co-Founder and CEO of Civitas Capital Group, Dan Healy, addresses the economic challenges that COVID-19 poses for the United States and the world with a focus on how Civitas Capital is thinking about U.S. commercial real estate in the context of a recession and recovery cycle.

*This video is re-posted with permission from Civitas Capital Group. The original video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bdx-0wJudPc

About Civitas Capital Group

Civitas Capital Group is a global alternative investment manager with $1.2B Cumulative AUM. Civitas offers compelling, niche opportunities in U.S. real estate, lodging, and alternative credit designed to create opportunities that enrich communities, investors, and employees alike. Driven by relentless creativity, Civitas digs deeper to uncover opportunities that others miss. Civitas was founded in 2009 by Daniel J. Healy and Rafael Anchia and is proudly based in Dallas, Texas.

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