First 5 of Santa Clara County Provides Needed Necessities for Families

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New Donations Continue Diapers, Wipes and Formula Program Through August

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Post Date:07/20/2020

Post Date:07/16/2020 3:00 PM

"We must listen, we must respond and we must continue to adapt to the challenges our community faces from the impact of COVID-19 in order to support one another," says Jolene Smith, who is the CEO of FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5). @FIRST5SCC, one of our #SiliconValleyStrongHeroes makes a difference in our local children by investing their efforts towards effective programs in early education, health and family support. FIRST 5 is an organization committed to achieving real and sustainable results towards young children and their families' successful future.

With the assessment of FIRST 5's cumulative risk factor map, most families need food distribution, critical supplies and family support during this time. FIRST 5 has been able to provide in April, May and June - 14,485 diaper kits, 28,970 packages of wipes and 9,090 cans of formula through a grant of $722,695.32 with the @CityOfSanJose Emergency Operations Center.

With the help of 10 local community-based organizations and FIRST 5, they are making strategic investments in neighborhoods where families are exposed to the highest risk for poor developmental outcomes.

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County has received new funding from various foundations to support their mission of helping our community with $210,000 for baby wipes, diapers and formula and food distribution for families. With these funds, FIRST 5 has been able to extend their efforts through August to provide aids to those in need.

Smith has been with FIRST 5 Santa Clara County for the past 23 years and has witnessed first-hand the impact the organization makes within the #SiliconValleyStrong community. FIRST 5 has shown a tremendous amount of flexibility and willingness to make significant changes during this global pandemic. With the organization's willingness to adapt in areas of need, FIRST 5 has grown to aid diaper and food distribution for the first time.

"We are here for you. For all the community that is in need, we will continue to provide support and guidance," continues Smith, who is proud to serve the community and families.

FIRST 5 leads the way in many different areas of help with not just distributing items but connecting with residents. Porch visits and calls have been implemented to ensure health and wellness checks are being made to our most vulnerable populations. FIRST 5 has also created a virtual resource center on its website to spread essential announcements and resources available.

Thanks to #SiliconValleyStrongHeroes like FIRST 5, our community has been able to get connected and be provided with the resources they need.

For more information about what is available to you or if you would like to donate, please visit

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