Intero Brings Contemporary Italian Cuisine to Cesar Chavez Street in East Austin

Intero officially opened its doors in Austin last month, after raising $200,000 from 236 investors on NextSeed in May 2017.  

Led by husband and wife chef and chocolatier team Ian Thurwatcher and Krystal Craig, Intero features a contemporary Italian inspired menu highlighting the seasonality of Central Texas.   

The Italian word “intero” translates to “whole” or “complete,” a nod to the restaurant’s practice of using whole animals and produce in crafting their daily menus.  Intero also features an artisan chocolate counter, innovative wine program and morning coffee service.  

Fun fact: at Intero, the Chef’s Table takes on an entirely new meaning – Ian literally built all of the tables in the restaurant himself.  

Congratulations Ian, Krystal and the rest of the Intero team!  

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