Intero Ristorante Takes the Whole $200,000

Intero Ristorante raised its maximum goal of $200,000 from 236 investors! Congrats to the entire Intero team: Ian Thurwachter, Krystal Craig and McVay Bennett on their success and we can’t wait to see their concept come to life. Italian food, artisan chocolate and great service. What more could we want? How about sustainability, whole product and whole animal usage so nothing goes to waste – well, that takes the cake.

East Austin has grown rapidly these past few years and Intero will be a welcome addition to the area, as proven by the large number of people who got them to their goal with plenty of time left on the clock. More local businesses opening and creating local jobs means the community grows together. The Intero team has some great ideas for community engagement, like holding butchering demonstrations and cooking classes, not to mention they’re providing a great space for events and celebrations. Personally, we’d go there just for the delicious chocolates.