Investors More Than Hospitable, Raise $396,500 For The Native

The Native

On behalf of all NextSeeders, we are proud to announce that The Native Hostel is the first successful Title III crowdfunding campaign in the U.S.! Investors from all over the U.S. took part in funding the construction and build-out of The Native in Austin, Texas.

It raised $396,500 from 227 investors – a sizable contingent of advocates who got the founders’ vision and joined them in making it happen. Backers stepped up with investments ranging from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars.

Investors expect to receive monthly payments after The Native opens in Austin. The business will share 5% of its monthly revenues with investors until investors are paid a 2X return on their investment.

The Native backers will also be able to experience what they helped create through bonus rewards,ranging from launch party access to free stays at The Native and custom Austin experiences.

Even if you missed this deal, The Native will soon be able to welcome everyone to experience its creative culture – merging music, art, food, drink and hospitality.