Lunch and Learn: Why Digital Should Play A Big Part In Your Business Infrastructure

On August 9th, NextSeed welcomed Basya Beshushan to speak at a lunch and learn for business owners at Headquarters in East Downtown.

Basya was born into a creative home which had two rules: no TV and to always keep learning.  In her adult life, Basya helps grow businesses by obeying those same rules.  Today her passion for learning and growing in the digital space has led to more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing space.  As the mastermind behind the digital agency Pink Cilantro, Basya understood and implemented e-commerce solutions and affiliate programs before they became mainstream practices.

Basya spoke about how digital marketing can help companies grow, starting with Pink Cilantro’s mission statement:

“We take metrics personally.”

What she meant was metrics should drive your digital marketing strategy.  Before you start, metrics should help you define your target market and how best to approach them.  As you go, you should constantly study and evaluate those metrics to check the effectiveness of your campaigns.  And after you are done with a campaign, your metrics should show the success relative to other campaigns and marketing strategies.

Basya explained that digital integration is made up of three things: your brand, a market to sell it to and your customer support strategy. These three things should always be at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy and should guide how you get in front of your customers.

Basya told the audience if there was one thing the audience left with, she hoped they would remember: “When you leave data on the table it is like you are driving blind.  Not accounting for that data – there is no excuse in this day in age.”

She gave an example of a protein bar company her agency works with.  They produced many flavors, but when Pink Cilantro examined their data, they found that two flavors stood out: coconut and cherry.  They were able to use that data to help the company produce targeted ads.  Knowing that these two flavors lead to higher conversions, they focused on pushing these two flavors when talking to affiliates.  When testing ads on Facebook, they noticed that cherry appealed much more to women than men.  This informed them that they should focus on targeting women with the cherry flavor.  From there, they were able to get more granular and really figure out who their target customer was.  This allowed them to align with influencers whose target demographic related to their target group.

Her presentation made it clear that the better you understand your customer, the better you can choose influencers to work with and create content that will appeal to them.

Thanks to Basya and Pink Cilantro, attendees walked away with a better understanding on how to use digital marketing to help grow their businesses and engage with customers.