NextSeed IRA Promotion

NextSeed pays your IRA fees for 4 years!
Other fees may apply. See the GoldStar IRA Fee Schedule for more information. 

NextSeed will now pay the account opening fee and the first annual maintenance fee due at account opening and annual maintenance fees for the subsequent three years (for a total waiver of four annual fees) for all individual retirement accounts (IRAs). For full terms and conditions, click here.

If you have an existing IRA on NextSeed, we will pay your annual maintenance fees for this year (2018) and the next three years (for a total waiver of four annual fees).

NextSeed offers traditional and Roth IRAs that are held at our partner bank, GoldStar Trust. A NextSeed IRA allows you to combine the potential returns of an investment in NextSeed offerings with the potential tax advantages of a retirement account.  This means you won’t have to pay taxes on any interest payments you may receive from NextSeed businesses.

New IRA accounts on NextSeed

Please note that at this time, individual accounts cannot be linked to IRA accounts and you will need to create a new IRA account on NextSeed. Individual investment limits will apply across all accounts. Your investment limit is calculated from your self-reported income and net worth and is not linked to your annual IRA contribution limit (which is $5,500 or $6,500 if you’re 50 or older). Under Regulation Crowdfunding rules, this means your income and net worth must both be $100,000 or above in order to invest $5,000 annually in NextSeed deals.

Also, NextSeed IRA accounts will need to be held at GoldStar Trust – this is in order to easily facilitate any payments that businesses may make to you. Unfortunately, businesses will not be able to accept investments from your non-NextSeed IRA accounts at this time.

Is opening a NextSeed IRA right for you?

Please consider your own individual retirement goals and risk tolerance when deciding to open an IRA. We have provided some general facts for your consideration, but we suggest that you consult your own tax advisor if you have any questions. Please note that by opening an IRA on NextSeed, you may be limiting your access to other investment options. Remember, NextSeed is not a tax, investment or legal advisor and does not provide any tax, investment, or legal advice.