Big news! NextSeed joins Republic

Big news for NextSeed

We’re excited to announce that Republic, an industry-leading private investing platform, has acquired NextSeed’s investment crowdfunding platform in order to expand into Main Street small business offerings.

Republic is one of the world’s leading private investment platforms with 800,000+ members and over $200 million facilitated through more than 250 deals.

For NextSeed investors, this means that you will have even greater access to private investments via Republic’s fast-growing ecosystem of offerings, including startupsreal estatevideo games and crypto!

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, this partnership gives us new capabilities to help businesses raise capital in the most effective way possible, by opening up additional access to public and private investor communities.

Most importantly, NextSeed and Republic share a mission to help build a financial system that will truly democratize finance and create more opportunities for everyone. We’re proud of the ecosystem and platform that we’ve built at NextSeed, and we’re energized to improve on the innovative technology that makes it possible. Republic is adding NextSeed to its family to continue expanding its breadth of offerings and services, including NextSeed’s focus on local investments and community-building Main Street small businesses.

In the immediate future, nothing will change about the way that you invest or raise capital on NextSeed, though we do have exciting plans to partner with Republic to make the member experience even more seamless and convenient in the future. We will actively communicate any changes to the NextSeed platform over time.  

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, the investors and entrepreneurs that breath life into the NextSeed community. Thank you for being a member, and rest assured – this is just the beginning!

– The NextSeed Team

📝 Read a note from NextSeed's Founders. 

Questions about what this means for current NextSeed investors and business?

Read our new FAQ here, and please let us know if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you.