Red Diamond Yoga Repays Investors Early

Red Diamond Yoga raised $67,400 last May on NextSeed, and last week they successfully completed early repayment to 91 investors!  

RDY is a 3,800 square foot boutique yoga studio located in the Palms community of West Los Angeles. They used their NextSeed campaign to expand their existing studio.  

“We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence our investors have placed in Red Diamond Yoga, and we hope to cross paths again soon,” says Red Diamond co-owners Arlene and Sheryl Utal. “We are grateful for NextSeed and the ease of fundraising on their platform by providing us with access to all of our great investors” 

For more information, please see their update.

More than just a fitness studio, RDY is known for its family-friend and welcoming atmosphere, and is a hub for specialty workshops and international teachers visiting the Los Angeles market. We wish them the best of luck as they continue to expand their physical footprint and reach.  

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