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Get to know the business and what they’re planning. Use your knowledge of your city to invest. Access exclusive local ventures.

Investing in small business startups is risky—investments and bonus rewards are
not guaranteed, so don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose your entire investment.

NextSeed was the first funding portal in the U.S. registered with the Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

How investing works on NextSeed

It’s a simple idea: invest in local businesses and you could get paid monthly.

  • Discover

    If a business passes NextSeed’s
    screening process, they are listed
    on our site.

  • Invest

    Set up a NextSeed investment
    account for free and invest
    directly into the business!

  • Receive

    Any payments are deposited into your
    NextSeed investment account.

Remember, investments can be lost entirely. You should do your own diligence and review the offering
documents carefully—businesses fail, but those that succeed can make a lasting impact in your city.

Connect with entrepreneurs locally and nationally.

Build vibrant communities around the country through investing.

Get familiar with debt investing