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Image not found!Term Notes

How does it work?
The business agrees to pay you a set amount of interest on your investment. Payments are fixed each month for a certain number of months.
Who is this option best for?
This is great for investors seeking consistent, predictable payments.

Image not found!Revenue Sharing Notes

How does it work?
With revenue sharing loans, a business agrees to pay you a set total amount on top of your investment. Monthly payments may be different every month.
Who is this option best for?
This is ideal for investors who are looking to grow with a new business concept, accepting payments that may fluctuate but have a higher potential upside.

Image not found!Preferred Equity

How does it work?
Preferred equity holders have an interest directly in the entity and may realize long-term upside on the equity. Payment terms will vary and there is no maturity date, but there may be a higher potential return.
Who is this option best for?
Investors who can tolerate greater risk, but who are interested in an equity stake in a project and a potentially higher financial return over a longer period.

Every investment comes with risk and opportunity.

Remember, returns and bonus rewards are not guaranteed. Investments can be lost entirely. Be sure to do your own due diligence, review all offering documents carefully, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Businesses may fail, but those that succeed can make a lasting impact in your city.

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