Small business investing, made easy.

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Businesses you understand
Investments in Main Street businesses and local properties generating real cash flow.
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Impactful investments
Local business owners, local jobs and local growth. Create real impact in local communities nationwide
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Pre-vetted opportunities
Only the top 3% of businesses meet our proprietary financial criteria.1
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Flexible amounts
Never invest more than you can risk. Investments may start as low as $100.
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Exclusive deals
Uncover opportunities that were once privately reserved for wealthy and well-connected investors.
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Returns processed for you
No need to chase payments from business owners. NextSeed facilitates payment processing from your investments automatically.

1This represents the percent of businesses that began the application process, passed NextSeed's objective diligence
criteria, and launched an offering on the platform since NextSeed's inception.

Don’t just invest through Wall Street and Silicon Valley.
Be invested in the growth of local communities.

NextSeed works with Main Street businesses like breweries, fitness studios, restaurants and more.

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Houston, TX

Bravery Chef Hall raised $1,000,000 from 539 investors

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Seattle, WA

Fair Isle Brewing raised $327,800 from 292 investors

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Austin, TX

The Brewer’s Table raised $300,000 from 190 investors

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San Diego, CA

619 Distillery & Tasting Room raised $191,600 from 238 investors

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Brooklyn, NY

Oxalis raised $141,500 from 214 investors

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Salt Lake City, UT

MOB Cycle raised $117,400 from 132 investors