Top Things to Know

Alkalign is a fitness and wellness studio concept that first launched in 2015, just down the street from Stanford University. It expanded further and launched its first franchise location last year. In July 2017, the team formed the holding company, Alkalign Holding Company LLC, to consolidate and streamline the two business models. The company currently operates two corporate-owned studios in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park and Los Altos) and has two franchise locations (Irvine, CA and Grand Rapids, MI), and it has its sights set on new growth opportunities.

Holistic fitness concept with two company-owned locations and two franchise studios (with tremendous growth opportunities)
New video subscription model and an integrated nutrition and wellness program recently added to the program
Combined 30+ years fitness industry experience within the Alkalign management team
Fitness among the fastest growing industries over past 5 years
This investment is secured by a blanket lien on all assets of the business

Investment Highlights

IssuerAlkalign Holding Company, LLC
Type of Offering Regulation Crowdfunding
Type of SecuritiesTerm Note
Interest Rate 12.5%
Maturity 42 months
Offered ByNextSeed US LLC


Dec 1, 2017

Thank You to Investors

I cannot begin to thank you enough for investing in Alkalign. We are so passionate about our mission of educating, empowering and inspiring our clients to be the best version of themselves when it comes to holistic wellness.  I have learned the hard way that more isn’t more when it comes to training and I want to inspire clients to take a longer-term view of their health. Like you have invested in us, Alkalign is invested in our clients for the long term and we want to build offerings and relationships that will last for decades to come.

We are working on processing the bonus rewards and will get those to you in the next few weeks.

I look forward to staying in touch as we continue our journey.