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Hi Julio/Amber, Congrats on your success! I apologize if it's listed somewhere, but how much annual revenue does the existing location generate? Also, do the four-year projections listed in the financial documents include sales from both locations, ...
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Ambriza Boardwalk
Ambriza vintage currently generates $3.1 Million dollars a year. The four year protections were created for the Boardwalk only, if we combine the sales for both stores we should be projecting north of six million dollars. Hope to have you on board! - ...
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Going by the payment calculator default investment of $100, the total payment over 4years is shown as $134.2. Does the total payment mean the principal + interest returned to the investor @ the end of 4years or just the interest part?
Yes, the $134.2 includes both principal and interest. If it were interest only, the annual interest rate would need to be over 50%. Unlike the revenue sharing notes on nextseed, this loan pays an even amount each month over the 4 year period.