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Addressing the pain points of 450,000 military and federal employees assigned station transfers each year

  • Designed with the specific needs of military and federal employees in mind
  • Built to ease the stress of moving, especially for military families who move every 2-3 years
  • The current pandemic does not affect the need for military permanent change of station (PCS)

Focus on military and federal employees creates a competitive advantage

  • No other short-term rental (STR) company caters exclusively to military and federal employees
  • Bookings through At Ease are guaranteed reimbursement from the government
  • Rental inventory tailored to the needs of families, not tourists

Owned and operated by active duty and veteran Marines

  • Extensive personal experience with the logistics of the PCS process
  • Established relationships within the Department of Defense
  • Committed to providing the most painless experience possible for military families

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At Ease Rentals
November 27, 2020

Texas Business Hall of Fame 2020 Veteran Award Recipient

Hello NextSeed investors,

I am honored to have been awarded the Texas Business Hall Fame 2020 Nau Future Texas Legend Marine Corps Veteran Award. The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation honors the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding business leaders in the state of Texas.

Thank you all for your support!
Anthony, CEO and Founder 

Use of Proceeds

At Ease is expanding their platform to offer short term rental options in more areas. They have identified key markets as: San Diego CA, San Antonio TX, Austin TX, Tamp, FL, Pentagon City/Washington DC.  They will be focusing heavily on researching these target cities and developing their web application to filter housing properly according to per diem allowances and family size.

Funds from the NextSeed Raise will be allocated towards product development (30%), marketing (30%), staff and business development (30%), and long-term product maintenance (10%).

Company Description

Military families move on average every 2-3 years, through a process called permanent change of station (PCS). These moves are taxing and can be extremely stressful on the whole family. During reassignment, families often move into temporary housing upon leaving a duty station and arriving at a new one, until a more permanent residence becomes available. The burden is on the service member to locate a hotel or other short-term rental that qualifies for the allotted per diem and meets federal requirements for reimbursement. Because of government regulations, many short-term rental (STR) platforms are not approved for reimbursement, even if they are significantly cheaper than a hotel. Using unapproved booking companies can result in ineligibility for reimbursement and in some instances, even disciplinary action. This leaves families with limited options, many times having no choice but to stay in cramped hotel quarters for lengthy periods of time.

At Ease Rentals is a solution to this problem, a one-stop shop for short-term rentals that are pre-approved for reimbursement when used by military and federal employees. With the At Ease platform, a family in transition can easily search homey, comfortable rental properties within their designated per diem allowance (calculated by the At Ease technology, based on certain profile information like rank, location, and reason for transfer). Before even booking, military and federal employees can have peace of mind that the rental is guaranteed to meet federal requirements, ensuring that the service member will be reimbursed appropriately without issue. At Ease Rentals is committed to making the process of moving as painless as possible for the approximately 450,000 military and federal employees assigned station transfers each year.

Business Model

US Government-funded lodging is a $5Billion dollar market. Each year, the Department of Defense moves approximately 450,000 people across the globe, and the need to mobilize military personnel remains unaffected by the current pandemic and resultant economic slowdown.

At Ease has the opportunity to capture a large percentage of this housing market with their innovative short-term rental platform - the first of its kind specifically designed for the needs of military and federal employees. Prior to At Ease, there was no access to pre-approved, short-term rentals through an online booking platform. Large families, each with unique circumstances (including families with disabilities, pets, and a variety of other consideration) are forced to use hotels for temporary housing during a move. These displacements can last anywhere between 5 days and 5 months. Being able to secure a comfortable, home rental ensures adequate space for the family, the ability to cook meals and store food, and the opportunity to explore neighborhoods for more permanent residence, all of which can help reduce the impact of stress on the service member and their families.

In addition to the benefits of securing lodging through the At Ease platform, active duty members have the opportunity to become hosts themselves. Military families who own a home can have their home pre-certified to be ready for listing any time. This allows them to list their own property in the event of PCS, alleviating the burden of renting their property as well as locating a home for their transfer destination.

Revenue Streams

At Ease is a two-sided marketplace that connects approved hosts with military and federal personnel. Customers use the website interface to search for housing in their area, within their per diem allowance, and book directly through the site.

At Ease earns revenue through:

  • Government reimbursement of per diem lodging rates
  • $300 inspections and federal registration 
  • 8% commissioning on leisure travel


1999 - Anthony joined the Marine Corps as reservist, then transitioned to active duty status

2004 - Fought in the Battle of Fallujah during the Iraq War

2010 - Commissioned as a second lieutenant

2018 - Moved to Texas to become an ROTC instructor and developed the idea for At Ease Rentals

2019 - Incorporated At Ease Rentals Corporation after operating as an LLC for nine months

2020 - Launched website and completed the DivInc. Accelerator Program


  • 2020 Hofstra Veterans Venture Challenge 3rd Place Winner
  • 2020 Mass Challenge Accelerator Finalist
  • 2020 DivInc Accelerator alumni
  • 2020 Texas Business Hall of Fame Finalist
  • 2019 NewChip pre-seed acceleration alumni
  • 2019 Top 100 Startups of the Year Pitch Competition semifinalist
  • 2019 Bunker Labs Veteran in Residence
  • 2019 Bunker Labs Southwest Muster Across America Pitch Competition Finalist
  • 2019 Voyager Travel Pitch Competition Miami winner
  • 2019 Veteran Shark Tank Washington DC semi-finalist
  • 2019 StreetShares Veteran competition semi-finalist
  • 2019 VetToCeo incubator alumni

Meet the Team

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Anthony Gantt

Anthony has over 21 years of honorable service in the Marine Corps. Throughout his time in service, he has had extensive leadership, operational, and logistical planning experience, leading teams of over 300 personnel. He has personally been through over 13 military moves, and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

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Mateo Bradford
Advisor of Business Growth

Mateo brings over three years of experience as a growth & development manager in the alternative accommodation industry. He has extensive experience selling RaaS (Revenue as a Service, Saas (Software as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service) products.

Advisory Board

As team players with years of leadership experience, they have assembled an Advisory Board to assist them with finance, strategy and marketing.

Brian Dass - A serial entrepreneur with over 25 years specializing in global travel & hospitality ventures. He previously co-founded two successful web-based hotel technology firms that service online booking engines and reservations.

Kathleen Fairall - An Army veteran, specializing in human resources with over 20 years of experience. She holds an MBA from UNC- Greensboro and currently runs a consulting firm, Act III Consulting, LLC.

Brian Sharples - At Ease mentor Brian Sharples led HomeAway through an initial public offering in 2011 and oversaw its $3.9 billion purchase by Expedia in 2016. Sharples remained as chairman of HomeAway through January 2017.  Sharples serves on a Chairman for TWYLA and Fexy and is a Board of Directors for GoDaddy, Ally, RVShare, and Yelp.

Bonus Rewards

Early Bird Reward
10 remaining
First 200 investors who invest $500 or more will receive:
  • 'At Ease' Custom Challenge Coin


  • .50 cal bullet with engraving of investor's name and At Ease Logo


  • Custom canteen cup with engraving of investor's name and At Ease logo


  • Waive 1 year's listing fees for Host
  • 30mm custom bullet with engraving of investor's name and At Ease logo


  • Waive 1 year's listing fees for Host
  • Custom military paddle with engraving of investor's name and At Ease logo

*Selected vendors for bonus reward fulfillment are subject to change based on pricing and availability at the time of the campaign close.

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the Note Purchase Agreement and are not enforceable under the Note Purchase Agreement.

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