High quality, 100% American-made apparel company, aiming to be the next iconic American brand 

  • Passionate leadership that celebrates patriotism and honors our American heroes 

  • Entire supply chain is located in the US, which supports the company's mission to create American jobs 

  • Committed to giving back to the community and donating 10% of profits to veteran and first responder charitable organizations 

  • Well-positioned in a COVID-19 environment as the company's Made in USA supply chain highlights Americans getting back to work 

Strong 2020 business results

  • Q1 2020 revenue +316% vs. Q1 2019 

  • Forecast revenue and customer pipeline projected to exceed $3.7M stretch objective 

  • Gross margin on track at 39.5% 

  • Competitively priced with other national brands like Nike, Polo, Under Armour (Actual and projected revenues for first 4 years are 3x ahead of Under Armour’s first 4 years of revenue) 

Brand already has significant national media exposure 

Leadership team with proven industry experience 

  • Founder and CEO Dean Wegner has over 25 years of leadership experience and over 20 years of marketing and business development experience

  • Wegner spent 5 years as President and CEO/Owner at Omega Apparel, a supplier of military dress uniforms, and successfully expanded it into the commercial market

  • The Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Creative team spans over 40 years combined industry experience


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Authentically American
May 26, 2020

Thank You --- The Authentically American Investor Team!

NextSeed Investors-

Our investment campaign closed even earlier than planned. Last week, we reached our campaign maximum of $500K.  I am truly humbled that we now have 293 new members of the Authentically American Investor Team --- thank you for the vote of confidence!  We are building something truly special. I want this to be one of the best investments you ever make. In the process, we will create jobs, make a difference, and leave a legacy. For me, it’s all about having like-minded people with similar values standing beside us on this incredible journey.

For those of you who were unable to invest, I hope you will be a future customer (business and personal)! Below is a discount code if you would like to sample some of our Made in USA products. Now more than ever with COVID-19, everyone appreciates that we are American-made!

SHOP Authentically American: LINK 

*Discount Code: NEXTSEED 25% off total purchase

*one-time only purchase; tracked by email address

Thank you,

Dean Wegner
Founder & CEO
Authentically American

Investment Terms

Authentically American, LLC

Type of Offering
Regulation Crowdfunding

Offered By
NextSeed Securities, LLC

Offering Min


Offering Max


Min Individual Investment


Raised to date


Type of Securities SAFE
Valuation Cap $7,500,000
Discount 20%
View the Issuer's SEC Form C filing

Use of Proceeds

Authentically American is seeking to raise up to $500,000 to expand its consumer line of apparel. The majority of funds from the NextSeed raise will primarily be used for working/growth capital and hiring. Remaining funds will support facility improvements and equipment purchases, advertising, and inventory. 

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Company Description

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Founder and CEO Dean Wegner believes in American values like patriotism and charitable giving. He started Authentically American with simple goals in mind - to bring textile jobs back to the US and create high quality garments that proudly bear the “Made in USA” label. 

In the 1980s, over 75% of apparel purchased in the US was manufactured in America by American workers. Today, less than 3% of apparel is made in the US, and Authentically American is on a mission to change that number. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Authentically American is a veteran-owned company that produces custom, branded apparel and merchandise for businesses, schools, charities and nonprofits, sports teams, as well as everyday American shoppers looking for a high-quality garment that reflects their patriotic values.

Authentically American also offers stylish consumer apparel like polo shirts, quarter zip, pullover, and full zip jackets, t-shirts, and much more. It aims to be the next iconic American brand, with one major distinction - it’s built entirely by the American workforce. In fact, Authentically American currently has contract manufacturing established in 12 states across the US. 

Already, the brand is resonating on a national level, attracting significant media attention with multiple appearances and features, including Fox & Friends (Feature Story and Small Business Saturday), Forbes Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance.

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In context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Authentically American is well-positioned as a brand that maintains its entire supply chain in the US, a story that will resonate with Americans looking for signals of strength in the US economy, and a resurgence in job opportunities for workers impacted by the crisis. 

Business Model

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Authentically American has established itself as a premier provider of co-branded, made in USA apparel for businesses and organizations - an $8Billion market. The company is now seeking to expand its direct to consumer line by increasing exposure, awareness, and recognition of Authentically American as more than a lifestyle brand. It’s a company that reflects personal values like patriotism, respect, and charitable giving. 

By purchasing apparel made entirely in the US, consumers are showing their support for the American workforce. The vintage US flag logo (officially registered trademark ®) aims to become representative of high quality, “Made in USA” goods - reminiscent of the decades before manufacturing moved overseas.   

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Authentically American features a wide-variety of high-quality clothing, as well as branded corporate apparel. All textiles, supplies and finished products are manufactured across the US and bear the “Made in USA” tag. The product line includes:
  • T-shirts, tank tops, pullovers, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, socks, hats, athletic wear, jerseys, and uniforms 

  • Polo and oxford style dress shirts, ties, bowties, scarves, and pocket squares 

The consumer line features ready to wear designs with popular patriotic slogans and logos. Styles are modern, eye-catching, and designed for performance.

Businesses and other organizations have access to a full portfolio of apparel that can be custom branded for company use as uniforms or for resale. The branding team at Authentically American is passionate about storytelling and works closely with each organization to design a product that represents their company mission and values. 

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Authentically American has two primary business models: business to business (B2B) sales and direct to consumer (DTC) sales. In B2B sales, Authentically American works with corporations, charitable organizations/nonprofits, sports teams, and schools to co-brand apparel. Each item has the company logo and the Authentically American logo, signifying the partnership and commitment to quality, American made goods. 

Businesses desiring branded uniform items can choose from a large portfolio ranging from casual T-shirts to dress shirts and ties. Authentically American apparel also acts as a marketing tool for restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, etc. who purchase branded items to resell in their own shops.  

Direct to consumer sales are primarily driven by an online store and consist largely of athletic/performance wear with patriotic and motivational slogans. It appeals to the demographics of first responders, military, and fitness enthusiasts - as well as anyone with likeminded values who wants to show support for the American worker.

Authentically American's clothing line is also being tested in 20 Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) stores and online. Pending a successful first run, Authentically American will be available in all 120 AAFES stores globally. There are additional opportunities to secure similar arrangements with Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard exchanges, as well as other national retailers. 

The primary goal of this raise is to increase the consumer brand inventory, marketing, manufacturing and distribution, as the margins are twice as high for DTC sales.  

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Authentically American is focused on giving back and making a difference in their community.  The company intentionally donates 10% of profits to veteran and first responder charities. Current partners include the Folded Flag Foundation and Reboot Alliance, honoring our American heroes and making a difference for families across the country.

The Folded Flag foundation provides educational scholarships and grants to the families of fallen military and government personnel serving the US. Their mission is to “completely embrace” a family after loss, with ongoing support for children and spouses. 

At Reboot Alliance, military and first responders can find resources to overcome service-related trauma. For over a decade, they have been using their accessible, proven methods to improve quality of life of participants in the Reboot Recovery courses. 

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CEO and Founder Dean Wegner started Authentically American to mirror the values he learned in the military as an officer, helicopter pilot, and Army Ranger. He and his wife, Co-Founder Kelly Wegner, have assembled a leadership team that is just as committed to the company values: patriotism, quality, customer service, teamwork, and giving back to the community. 

Andrew Polinski serves as Operations & Planning Director, bringing his experience in management at corporations like Pepsi Frito-Lay and Amazon. He has a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Business Management from UT Knoxville.

Creative Director Sarah Mallory is a graduate of the O'More School of Design with over 12 years of industry experience. She specializes in trend analysis, product development, and graphic design.

Steven Solomon is a decorated Army Veteran with deployments in Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan. He serves as the Marketing Manager for Authentically American. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from UT Knoxville and a Master’s degree in Theology from Liberty University. His background includes hosting a nationally-syndicated radio program, writing for various publications, and pastoral ministry.

A portion of funds raised will be allocated towards bringing Pat Tuffy to the team as (future) Sales Manager. Pat is a fellow West Point alumnus and Army Veteran with over 10 years of business development and sales experience. 


Official Launch Date (1st Investor Check Deposited)
Darrell Waltrip (Nascar Hall of Fame) Joins Investor Team
First National Media Appearance on Fox & Friends
First $1 Million in Revenue
Move to New Office with Warehouse/Fulfillment to Support Growth

Meet the Team

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Dean Wegner

A graduate of West Point and Army veteran, Dean Wegner has spent over 20 years in business development, sales and marketing, and strategy with large brands like Procter & Gamble and Mars, Inc. He previously served as President/CEO and Owner of Omega Apparel, a leading provider of military dress uniforms. His comprehensive industry background, military experience, and education make him a proven leader.

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Kelly Wegner

Co-Founder Kelly Wegner is committed to supporting the Authentically American brand by promoting the important ideals of job creation, giving back, and American-made merchandise through business development. She has a BS in Education from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and is passionate about Women’s Ministry and serving her community. 

Bonus Rewards



  • Patriotic Flags Socks (All Gone!)
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)


  • Patriotic Flags Socks (All Gone!)
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)
  • Exclusive Investor Pullover
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)


  • Patriotic Flags Socks (All Gone!)
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)
  • Exclusive Investor Pullover
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)
  • 20% ‘Personalized’ Discount Code for Life
    (on all online orders, excluding corporate apparel)


  • Patriotic Flags Socks (All Gone!)
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)
  • Exclusive Investor Pullover
    (Early Bird reward - limited to first 50 investors)
  • 20% ‘Personalized’ Discount Code for Life
    (on all online orders, excluding corporate apparel)
  • Invitation to exclusive investor dinner party in Nashville with "Friends of Authentically American"
    (e.g. Darrell Waltrip, Scott Hamilton, Duane Allen, David Akers, Ben Crane, Sean Henry, Butch Spyridon, etc…); final guest list based on availability.

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the SAFE and are not enforceable under the SAFE.



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