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A staple of Houston’s Energy Corridor for 38 years, Carmelo’s Cucina Italiana is undergoing a major remodel. Esteemed local restaurateur Benjamin Berg (B&B Butchers & Restaurant) purchased the restaurant from founder Carmelo Mauro in December 2017, adding to the portfolio of Berg Hospitality Group, preserving the neighborhood business and updating the customer experience.

Benjamin grew up in the epicenter of Italian-American cuisine – New York City. After moving to Houston several years ago and steadily observing Carmelo’s importance to the area he now calls home, he was approached with the opportunity to purchase the restaurant when its owner announced his intention to retire.

Iconic neighborhood Italian restaurant under new ownership of prominent local restaurateur
Owner’s previous projects include B&B Butchers & Restaurant (Houston and Fort Worth) and B.B. Lemon (Houston)
New Executive Chef is a veteran of Michelin-starred and renowned restaurants in Milan, Sicily and New York City
Focus on locally-sourced produce, fresh pasta made in house and New York-style pizza to go

Investment Highlights

IssuerBenmelos LLC
Type of Offering Regulation Crowdfunding
Type of SecuritiesRevenue Sharing Note
Multiple Up to 1.5x
Revenue Sharing Percentage 5%
Maturity 60 months
Offered ByNextSeed US LLC


B.B. Italia & B.B. Pizza (formerly Carmelo's)
Apr 8, 2019

Construction is moving forward & currently on schedule!

Heading into our last month of construction, we are on schedule to open for business on Thursday, May 2nd provided there are no unexpected catastrophes!


Currently on the exterior:

  • We have completed the lower level of brick and are beginning the installation of the thin brick on the parapet.
  • Applying stucco to the soffit and the rear exterior walls.
  • Canopy has been framed out with the gutter installed and tied into the main system, the lights have been run and the paneling has been installed on top.
  • Steel plates with the logos cut out will be installed next on all three sides followed by the red LED lights and the soffit.
  • Patio planters will arrive early next week along with the steel gates and the exterior brick will get painted white in two weeks.
  • Exterior signage should arrive by April 11th.


The interior is also moving quickly:

  • Sheet rock ceiling installation commenced today and the main dining room is near complete.
    • Once the sheet rock on the ceiling is completed and painted, the light fixtures will be installed. We are shooting for next Wednesday for that installation to begin. It should only take two days.
  • Tile in the bathroom floors is done and the walls will be completed imminently.
    • Bathrooms should be completely finished shortly.
  • All of the interior walls will be finished by the end of the week with wainscoting and anaglypta along with the floors.
  • Bar equipment and bar top will arrive sometime next week and all trades are on schedule to final out within the next couple of weeks.