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Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Texas Kitchen is breaking down the prototypical steakhouse into a truly local and approachable experience

  • A network of Texas-based ranchers make up Cherry Block’s sources of protein, reflecting the concept’s ethos of “Texans feeding Texans”
  • Cherry Block is able to integrate and manage the entire supply chain to offer a true ranch-to-table experience by harvesting, butchering, cooking, and serving customers directly - a truly rare occurrence within the restaurant industry

Opening in one of Houston’s fastest growing neighborhoods and in one of the most creative and community-centric development projects in the area

  • Garden Oaks is teeming with young couples and families in the densely populated residential neighborhood
  • Stomping Grounds is a brand-new, award winning development that is being heralded as truly community-centric, offering beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces that allow for safe gatherings

Multiple revenue streams offer the restaurant an adaptive business model

  • Counter service and on-site dining will be complemented by prepackaged meals, local delivery, a full bar, and retail apparel

Founder Felix Florez and Jess DeSham Timmons bring decades of operating experience in the industry to the expansion of Cherry Block

  • Founder Felix Florez, a 4th generation Texan, has a deep understanding of the business as a rancher, sommelier, and restaurateur and has connections throughout the Texas ranch network
  • Jess DeSham Timmons will assist Cherry Block and its incoming chef on a consulting level to develop the menu and systems. Her expertise stems from more than 20 years of operations experience in the Houston hospitality industry.


Cherry Block Craft Butcher and Texas Kitchen
July 21, 2021

1 Day to Reach the Next Milestone

Hello there! 

WOW! Last night, many of you helped us reach our minimum goal for Cherry Block Craft Butcher and Kitchen. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far. 

Knowing you believe in our work is part of what keeps us going. Thank you for contributing to our growth.  

Now, we're focused on hitting our maximum goal of $400,000 by the end of tomorrow. There is still time for you to be part of the Cherry Block family and the mission of Texans Feeding Texans. 

We believe in ourselves. We believe in our family of investors. And we believe in these ranchers and local producers who make Cherry Block what it is - a trustworthy, healthy, sustainable option for feeding you and your family. 

We hope you'll join us if you haven't already. 

Here's to Cherry Block and a big, bright future at The Stomping Grounds!

With gratitude, 

Felix Florez


Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Texas Kitchen is coming to the Garden Oaks area in Houston. Expanding beyond a successful launch at Bravery Chef Hall, Felix Florez is countering the archetypical steakhouse meal and bringing straightforward and simple meals to guests.

Cherry Block is crafting a menu that is designed to both capture the interest of the ultimate food lover with creative and responsibly sourced food while also feeling approachable to anyone who comes to the counter.

A key part of the company ethos is “Texans Feeding Texans.” Cherry Block feels strongly about supporting local communities through marketplaces and events, but its unique opportunity comes in the form of its supply-chain and procurement. Felix, whose varied experiences include opening his first restaurant at the age of 19 and serving as a wine director at Brennan’s of Houston before becoming one of Houston’s most recognized ranchers that focuses on humanely raised and locally sourced meats. Through both his own ranch and processing company (Black Hill Meats) and his distribution company (Falcon Lake Farms), Felix’s deep network of trusted ranchers throughout Texas allows Cherry Block to source high-quality protein responsibly.

Cherry Block harvests, butchers, cooks, and serves with no break in the supply chain whatsoever - offering unique value a rare experience to its customers. Having the ability to butcher animals to their specifications allows the restaurant to introduce various cuts of pork and beef that many other restaurants don't have a lot of access to. In turn, they’re able to keep the price point at a level that will give guests a meal like they would otherwise get at a fine dining restaurant without breaking the bank.

Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Texas Kitchen is opening a 2,600 square foot restaurant in the beautiful new development, The Stomping Grounds. This will be a fully scaled restaurant with full food and beverage menus, along with a wine list specifically curated by in-house sommelier Florez. The Garden Oaks neighborhood has flourished and grown, and Cherry Block will be joining an exciting ecosystem of tenants that include Shoot the Moon, Fat Cat Creamery, Blood Bros. BBQ, Luloo's Bodega, Sora Sushi, and several to-be-announced concepts from some of Houston’s most creative restaurant and retail owners.

Cherry Block’s mission is to be the first dining establishment that discriminating diners think about when they expect the highest quality, casual Texas fare in the greater Houston area and beyond. Cherry Block will leverage the team’s celebrated culinary background, strong relationships with local ranchers and farmers, and established reputation amongst Houston’s biggest foodies to create an experience and opportunity for consumers that cannot be found anywhere else. Quality, excellence, and local sustainability are central to everything that comes in the door to what is served at Cherry Block from start to finish.

People care more than ever about where their food comes from. Customers will buy and pay more for local, made from scratch, quality meals. Cherry Block is designed from the ground up to offer this in a unique way that few in the industry can.

Through Felix’s distribution company Falcon Lake Farms, Cherry Block is able to source and harvest protein directly from a network of some of the best ranchers and producers from around Texas. As Culturemap describes, “From a diner’s perspective, Florez and Timmons supervise all aspects of the meats they consume from how the animals are raised to how the butchered meats are cooked and served.” This not only ensures quality, but the in-house procurement and operational expertise reduces costs for the business, and the value is passed through to customers by offering an approachable price point for superior quality.

Cherry Block was in operation and offering its uniquely Texas experience out of Bravery Chef Hall in downtown Houston. Already planning on expansion in 2020, Cherry Block was able to close its location in January 2021 to focus on the launch of its new locations.

The team adapted quickly to the pressures of COVID-19 on the retail & food industry. In addition to great cuisine, Cherry Block understands the pivots necessary to adjust to the post-pandemic environment, and its business model has evolved over the past year to generate new revenue streams. One pivot was into a short-term partnership with HEB. Cherry Block was able to quickly scale production to offer their pre-packaged ready-to-heat meals through the retail channel from May 2020 through February 2021.

Applying Felix’s background as a sommelier, wine, beer, and spirits will be sold alongside local juices, mixers and other bar paraphernalia. Cherry Block has an opportunity to sell specialized products across the country through their new e-commerce platform with a nearly unlimited audience to sell to.

Finally, Cherry Block has developed a new delivery product that allows them to grow brand recognition and increase word-of-mouth marketing. They are considering utilizing partnerships with Lyft, professional shopping agencies, and other locations to make it easier for consumers to access their goods, apparel, and merchandise

Since the beginning, Cherry Block craft Butcher and Texas Kitchen has been known for its hearty fare. They are especially known for their meaty foods, offering Texan classics, from a southern smokehouse burger to a heritage pork chop. All of the food is sourced-locally and the menus reflect the sophisticated and fine-dining tastes of Texans.

Stomping Grounds at Garden Oaks, 1223 W 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018

REVIVE Development - Thoughtfully Curated. Supplying Demand. Conscious urban development in the heart of Houston's urban core.

Known for repurposing existing structures for new uses, Revive Development acquired the future Stomping Ground’s 3-acre property in Garden Oaks in 2017, just before Hurricane Harvey hit. Although the project was delayed by months and some changes were made to the design based on area flooding, all three existing structures were repurposed. Only one building was newly constructed. The project also includes an 8,000-square-foot green space and entertainment area, which was a desirable feature when the project opened amid Covid-19. There are also full-length patios on each building, and Revive helped restaurant tenants open safely in a socially distant manner last year.

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Felix Florez
Founder & Partner

From the moment he was able to, Felix found his way into the foodservice industry by becoming an expo and host at a local restaurant. His restaurant career moved quickly throughout the upscale dining world. He purchased a French/Belgian bistro at the age of 19 in Austin, TX.

By the early 2000s, Felix picked up his family and set out to look for space to relocate or seek fresh opportunities, working at some of the finest restaurants in Houston. Felix's last position in restaurants was Wine Director at Brennan's of Houston, cultivating a supreme wine program to complement the French-creole flavors of one of Houston's most beloved culinary institutions.

Throughout his career, Felix couldn't help but notice that the high-quality ingredients being utilized in the kitchens were produced all over the nation, but few were from Texas. Recognizing this opportunity, Felix formulated a plan: to bring the expressive flavors of Texas' grand livestock to Houston restaurants. He drove all over the nation, finding a unique selection of heritage breed hogs and decided to raise them humanely, in a free and open setting, allowing them to enjoy the land and to partake in a natural diet.

As Black Hill Ranch was born, Felix's reputation gained speed, and restaurants quickly realized the quality and expressive flavors of the meat he was offering. Felix, unknowingly, had stumbled upon the Farm to Table movement right at its inception and has helped to propel it into the spotlight in the Houston culinary community. "Texans Feeding Texans" is a motto that is deeply rooted in all of his ventures. His family helps out in all aspects of Felix's businesses. He has been fortunate to become a partner in local Houston restaurant Blood Bros. BBQ, and now Cherry Block Craft Butcher and Texas Kitchen.

Cherry Block 3, LLC

Type of Offering
Regulation Crowdfunding

Offered By
Offered by NextSeed Securities, LLC

Offering Min


Offering Max


Min Individual Investment


Raised to date


Type of Securities Revenue Sharing Note
Investment Multiple

Up to 1.45x

If paid within 36 months, then it is a 1.35x multiple.

Revenue Sharing Percentage

Up to 8%

Maturity 48 months


Ownership % Represented by Securities

0% equity interests in the Issuer or any voting or management rights with respect to the Issuer as a result of an investment in Securities.

View the Issuer's SEC Form C filing

Use of Proceeds

The total project cost is $500,000 with $100K+ from tenant allowances and funding from the NextSeed campaign. The NextSeed funds will be allocated towards the design and engineering, interior construction, furniture, furnishings, fixtures, legal and professional, contingency, working capital.

Early Bird Reward
0 remaining
First 100 investors who invest $1,000 or more will receive:
  • Name on the investor wall
  • $50 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • For Life: 5% off dining and market goods
  • 4 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party


  • Name on the investor wall
  • $10 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)


  • Name on the investor wall
  • $25 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • 2 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party
  • Cherry Block Club membership for 3 months
    10% off of food and nonalcoholic beverages (valued at $30)


  • Name on the investor wall
  • $50 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • 4 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party
  • Cherry Block Club membership for 6 months
    10% off of food and nonalcoholic beverages (valued at $60)
  • One free dessert per week for a year
  • Free burger once a week for life


  • Name on the investor wall
  • One free dessert per week for a year
  • $200 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • 6 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party
  • Cherry Block Club membership for 1 year
    10% off of all food and nonalcoholic beverages (valued at $100)
  • Free burger once a week for life


  • Name on the investor wall
  • One free dessert per week for a year
  • $200 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • 8 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party
  • Cherry Block Club membership for 2 years
    10% off of all food and nonalcoholic beverages (valued at $200)
  • 6 course private dinner for 4 people
  • Free burger once a week for life


  • Name on the investor wall
  • One free dessert per week for a year
  • 10 tickets to Investor Preview Event Party
  • $500 Gift Card valid at both locations (Katy & Garden Oaks)
  • Cherry Block Club membership for 2 years
    10% off of all food and nonalcoholic beverages (valued at $200)
  • 6 course private dinner for 8 people
  • Free burger once a week for life


Free Beer for One Year: Receive one free beer per day for the first year of opening! (only for investors of legal drinking age)

SitBar Dog Park MembershipAn all-access premium membership card to SitBar dog park and bar for one year

Name on the Founders Wall: Have your name or a dedication added to the Founders Wall at Railway Heights Market

Investor Party Invitation: An invitation for 2 to the pre-opening Railway Heights Market investor party. To include a sip & stroll walk-through tour, food sampling, plus a concert in the park

Free Event Reservation at the Park + $100 Beverage Credit: Reserve a family or social event at the park for up to 4 hours, plus $100 credit for beverages at the bar

Railway Heights Gold Card: 10% discount card to be applied at the wine or beer garden for one full year

Railway Heights Black Card: 20% discount card to be applied at the wine or beer garden for one full year

$1,000 Credit to Use Throughout Railway Heights Market: Enjoy for the first year

VIP NextSeed Investor Designated Parking Spot: Prime parking location

Major Investor Name Engraving (Upstairs Balcony or Outdoor Stage)

Major Investor Naming Rights (Outdoor Courtyard): Limit 1

Charity Event of Your Choice at Railway Heights Market: Takeover of the entire venue for an evening with the RHM team producing your event

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the Note Purchase Agreement and are not enforceable under the Note Purchase Agreement.  

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