Use of Proceeds

If the minimum amount of $100K is raised, it will be used towards start-up expenses and assets such as build out and equipment. If the maximum amount of $175K is reached, the additional funds will be put towards inventory and working capital.

Key Terms

Eado BC Bar LLC

Type of Offering
Regulation Crowdfunding

Offered By
NextSeed US LLC

Offering Min


Offering Max


Min Individual Investment


Type of Securities

Revenue Sharing Note

Investment Multiple

Up to 1.4x

Revenue Sharing Percentage


Maturity 48 months


Security Interest Blanket lien on all assets of the Issuer
Ownership % Represented by Securities

0% Investors will not receive any equity interests in the Issuer or any voting or management rights with respect to the Issuer as a result of an investment in Securities.

Early payment provision

If paid in full within 24 months, the Investment Multiple is 1.2x;

If paid in full within 36 months, the Investment Multiple is 1.3x.

View the Issuer's SEC Form C filing

Revenue Sharing Summary

How do Revenue Sharing Notes work?
See our infographic for a detailed explanation here.

1The investment multiple may be reduced if the investment is repaid early. Review the early payment provisions outlined in the Disclosure Statement found here. 

2The term of the note begins after the first full month following closing. Payments on the note begin after the first full month the business is open and operating. Payments end when the business pays you back your total payment, or upon the maturity date, whichever is earlier. If any amount remains owed to investors on the maturity date, the Issuer will be required to promptly pay the entire outstanding amount owed. The exact length of time that it will take the Issuer to pay each investor in full cannot be known in advance since the Issuer's actual revenues may differ from its projected revenues.  

3This offering has a minimum investment amount of $100. 

4There is no guarantee that the Issuer will ever produce revenues, or that such revenues will be sufficient to repay the note in full prior to the maturity date. Investors risk losing part or all of their investment. Please review a full discussion of the offering’s risk factors in the Disclosure Statement found here.