Company Description

Hair Revolution is a full service salon, located in the Clear Lake area in Houston. Our salon is fun, stylish and unpretentious. Our guests always comment on how clean and laid back the salon is. We love what we do because of the difference we make in our clients’ days. It’s such a reward when a client who was having a bad day feels better after having her hair done!

Business Model

Our business model comprises salon services and product sales. We offer a full menu of service options for both men and women. Our pricing is upmarket but not outrageous, as we try to ensure that we are just on the cusp of luxurious without being priced at that level. We have a diverse group of guests, but women between the ages of 13-55 are our biggest client group. In terms of product sales, we have direct distribution arrangements with select brands as well as wholesale distribution relationships with other partners.

As told by Simon Nguyen, owner: 

I was initially drawn to hairstyling because of my interest in fashion and the arts, but I soon developed an appreciation for the business side. Working at an established salon, I always found myself thinking about how I could enhance the customer’s experience. I enjoyed imagining how I would do things better or more efficiently if I had the freedom of running my own salon.

One of the quotes I try to live by is, “Don’t talk about it. Be about it.”

I rented a booth for three years in a shared salon space, testing the waters and learning more about running my own business. When I finally found the perfect location – a 1400 square foot space in a densely populated Clear Lake neighborhood – I pulled together my life savings and brought in a fantastic crew to join me. In 2010, Hair Revolution was born.

We started with a team of four dynamic stylists and my brother to handle operations, and we have since grown to a band of eight. We strive to get better each day and provide a professional and comfortable experience that our customers can truly rave about. By relentlessly focusing on providing an exceptional customer experience, our business has grown every year. In 2014, we had a banner year with more than $1 million in revenue.

Meet the Team

Nghia "Simon" Nguyen

Style and fashion were the drivers that initially pushed Simon into cosmetology. He spent the first six years of his career at a popular, high-end hair salon in Houston, honing his skills as a hair stylist. Eventually, Simon’s desire to create his own business and realize his vision for a great salon experience led him to strike out on his own. When he first embarked on this journey, Simon rented a booth in a shared salon space. It was this intermediate step that helped him develop his business skills and learn the nuances of the high-end salon business. Over the next three years, he built up a loyal clientele base that gave him the confidence to make the leap to running his own salon. Simon launched Hair Revolution in 2010 and has grown the business through his work ethic and attention to detail. However, it’s his sincerity and strong customer service that make the Hair Revolution experience what it is today.