Company Description

Healing Waters Float Spa LLC (“Healing Waters”) is a luxury, eco-friendly floatation spa opening in Houston during the spring of 2016. Healing Waters will be the first spa in Houston to exclusively offer floatation therapy, and will provide a serene environment for clients to enjoy a blissful and rejuvenating experience.

Floatation therapy is a practice where an individual enters a float pod filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in purified water. The pod insulates the user from all external stimuli, including sight and sound. The dense salt water is heated to match skin temperature and allows the user to float effortlessly. At its core, floatation is about providing people with a space to completely relax their bodies and minds.

A wide range of business leaders, artists, engineers and other professionals utilize floatation to help enhance mental clarity and creativity, relieve stress and anxiety, aid in physical recovery (joint and back pain), and escape from the daily grind. The benefits for world-class athletes have also gained national attention. ESPN ran a recent interview with NBA MVP Stephen Curry about how members of the Golden State Warriors basketball team have integrated floatation into their routines this season, contributing to their physical and mental recovery after games.

Renderings presented in this offering may not reflect the final designs of Healing Water Float Spa. 

Business Model

Healing Waters will create a serene space for relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation through floatation therapy. The key target markets include busy professionals seeking alternatives for stress reduction and mental clarity, as well as yoga practitioners who seek improvement of mind, body, and spirit. We believe all individuals can attain a vastly improved quality of life and raise their level of overall wellbeing by practicing floatation therapy.

Healing Waters will be designed to include four suites: two rooms with state of the art Evolution Float Pods, one room containing a larger float cabin, and one room as a spacious open float. This will provide our clients with three unique floatation experiences based on their preferences and needs. All suites come equipped with showers, and all areas of the spa are created to be soundproof, offering the client complete tranquility.

The Evolution Float Pods are considered the top-of-the-line pods in the industry, also utilized by various professional sports teams for their own athletes.

Float sessions will average $65 for a 1-hour float (1.5 and 2-hour options will also be available). Clients will be able to purchase single-session passes, and multiple monthly membership options will be offered for multiple floats per month.

Location Analysis

Healing Waters will be located in a new commercial construction in the Montrose area of Houston (504 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019).

This location puts Healing Waters in a new, premium space within the heart of Houston, just minutes away from downtown and the Texas Medical Center. Montrose is home to a creative and increasingly wealthy populace, and Healing Waters will be positioned in close proximity to several other prosperous communities, including River Oaks, West University, Memorial, Galleria, Bellaire, Heights, Washington and Midtown, with easy access to several major highways. This location specifically provides access to two primary target customer markets for Healing Waters: busy professionals and the growing yoga community.

Further, Houston has one of the strongest and fastest growing yoga markets in the nation with hundreds of locations and instructors offering classes on a daily basis. A high concentration of the busiest and most popular yoga studios are located in the neighborhoods surrounding Healing Waters. As with floatation, yoga is a practice that facilitates meditation and mental focus, relaxation and spinal alignment. As a result, the Healing Waters team expects its float spa to draw a large number of yoga practitioners as well as health-conscious clientele of organic restaurants and grocery stores in neighboring areas. The image below shows the concentration of yoga studios and organic restaurants and grocery stores within a 10-minute drive from Healing Waters.

The Healing Waters team has closely examined the Houston market and found only a limited offering of floatation experiences.

Only three locations currently offer Houstonians with floatation pods, and all three are located on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. One location is a home-based business, and two provide salon services (hair, nails and massages) and have floatation as a secondary or complimentary service.

Given the similarity of benefits sought from yoga and floatation therapy, the Healing Waters team believes that the strength of Houston’s yoga community is indicative of robust demand for floatation therapy in the city. This correlation is clearly identifiable among U.S. cities with large yoga communities. New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Austin are ranked as the top 5 most active yoga cities (as ranked by Yoga Alliance), and new floatation centers have continued to emerge in those metropolitan areas in recent years. For example, according to Gothamist (as of August 2015), New York City has the largest numbers of Yoga Alliance registered teachers and schools in the nation, and the city is currently home to six floatation centers. As of January 2016, Austin is ranked 5th in yoga population and currently hosts three dedicated floatation centers.

In contrast, Houston ranks 10th in the country in concentration of yoga practitioners but still does not have a single dedicated floatation center that offers a top-of-the-line floating experience. The opening of Healing Waters will change this.

Meet the Team

Juan Carlos Mazorra

Juan Carlos grew up in Houston and began his professional career in the music video film industry. After completing film school, Juan Carlos joined The INC, a hip hop label under the Def Jam and Universal Music umbrella. He created and managed The INC’s video promotion and production department, directed multiple chart topping music videos and DVD movies including for the R&B superstar Ashanti. These projects required the management and coordination of dozens of people with equipment, municipal permits, union reps, production budgets and schedules.

Joseph Cyrus
Vice President

Joseph Cyrus spent his formative years in Houston, and started his career in the events promotion business while in college. He was a marketing manager at a prominent music event planning and promotions company, and subsequently moved into a management role in the lounge and bar industry. While working in the entertainment and services industry, he connected with Juan Carlos because of their common passion for meditation, physical wellness and floatation.

Joseph’s interest in leading-edge meditation and wellness techniques catalyzed the Healing Waters team’s pursuit of floatation as a business interest. In recent years, Joseph has traveled to meditation centers and floatation destinations in 20 different countries to learn more about meditation and floatation.