About HoneyBee Sage Wellness & Apothecary

HoneyBee Sage Wellness & Apothecary is a "Global Community of Homegrown Healers", and by healers we mean each and every person who has taken personal responsibility for restoring, maintaining, and improving their own health and wellness. Within our community we have created space and become a resource for herbs, medicinal herbal teas, herbal supplements, clean body products, metaphysical healing tools and so much more. We partner with over 11 amazing local creatives and healers to bring a wide array of offerings that can be utilized to help you along your very own personal healing journey.


  • Herbal Smudges, Resins & Accessories
  • Bulk Herbs & Powders
  • Jewelry
  • Incense & Burners
  • Essential Oils & Diffusers
  • Gem Stones & Crystals
  • Herbal Tea Blends
  • Tea Accessories
  • Hair & Body Products
  • Candles
A Look Inside the Store

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Leadership Team

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Angela Mallett, LMT
Founder & CEO

Our visionary and founder, Angela Mallett, LMT is by trade a Licensed Massage Therapist, Full Circle Doula, Reiki Master, Yoni Steam Practitioner, and an herbalist by passion. Her interest in becoming her own healer has led her to become enthusiastic in sharing all that she has learned along her journey, in hopes to inspire and cultivate healers all around the world. She considers herself to be a "Professional Space Holder", whereas she finds great honor in creating safe space for others to come in, begin and continue their healing work with no shame or judgement. She meets members of her community, no matter where they are, with the encouragement that healing miracles are possible for all who believe and are willing to dust off their wings and do the work!