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Military Movies Presents Lonesome Soldier
March 16, 2021

Lonesome Soldier Campaign Relaunch

Dear Partners / Investors,

We are excited to share some news about Military Movies and Lonesome Soldier. First off, we have amended our minimum raise amount to $25,000, which ensures that all backers of our project will have an opportunity to see their investments go towards the production of 'Lonesome Soldier'. You can see these changes in our Form C-A filing with our updated disclosures. We are also closing the campaign on April 15th and will be starting production in late April / early May in Roswell New Mexico. We don't have an exact start date yet but we should have one in the next few weeks.

This extension is considered a "material change" to the terms of the campaign and therefore requires investors to reconfirm their investments. 

We appreciate everyone's commitment and will be sharing more updates in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to us via comments.

Thank you,

The Military Movies Team

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Lonesome Soldier is the first in a series of genre films for a military audience produced by Military Movies Productions

  • Film production studio focused on telling authentic, character-driven stories focused on honoring and entertaining Military families and enthusiasts
  • Lonesome Soldier is the first in a series of true stories produced for this audience
  • Additional films are already lined up after this production, with rights already secured

Well-capitalized production with attractive distribution options

  • The project has already raised $1.38MM in equity and is approved for up to a $500K tax credit for producing the film in New Mexico
  • Project currently has a $2.5M budget and will be shot in New Mexico and Los Angeles
  • 3-part distribution strategy includes theatrical distributions, DVD and streaming rights, and foreign sales to military personnel abroad

Veteran production team with a combined 50+ years in the entertainment industry and strong military ties

  • Producers Chris Pappas and Mark Wallace & Directed by Jonathan Meyers
  • Written by Alexander Randazzo, Lionel Chetwynd (Academy Award Nominee) & Linda Lee
  • Executive Producers include Retired Colonel John Albers and Hollywood veteran actor Steve Monroe
  • Actors with offers pending (and looking to finalize shortly) include Titus Welliver, Sean Astin, John Ashton and Brandon Quinn
  • Advisory / Board team consists of dignified military personnel, as well as major players in the entertainment business

Watch the film's "Proof of Concept" video:

Lonesome Soldier is the first in a series of films currently being produced by Military Movies, a studio that aims to become a well-known brand in the military marketing world by working with both active duty and retired military personnel to make character-driven authentic American motion pictures.

Likened by Hollywood insiders to a "modern day Deer Hunter", Lonesome Soldier is an incredible true story about a community in middle America in the 21st century. The film, written by and starring Alexander Randazzo, depicts the journeys of an ensemble cast of characters upon the return of Jackson Harlow, high school rock star, from Iraq and his harrowing struggle with post-traumatic stress (PTS). Returning from the battlefield, Jackson  is met at home by a financial recession, an opioid epidemic, a community embroiled in infighting, a wife who has abandoned him to drugs, an old job that can no longer pay, and a Veterans' Administration that is too congested and ill-equipped to treat his deteriorating condition.
Featuring an ensemble cast including both Oscar winners and nominees, as well as some fresh new faces, this film has a detailed casting strategy crafted to bring to life this story about love, family, pain, war, and community.

This film is a tribute to the sacrifice of our veterans and a testament to the enduring American spirit.

About the screenplay:

This powerful screenplay started as a text-message-of-a-screenshot-of-a-Facebook-post by the mother of the real life Jackson Harlow on which the film's protagonist is based. When a friend of screenwriter Alexander Randazzo read a heartfelt and impassioned Facebook post from our hero's mother explaining that she wanted to find a way to make a movie of her son's incredible true story and the broader issues of PTS stigma and healthcare in America, she immediately took a screenshot and texted it to Alexander, who set about optioning the rights for the story.

Jackson Harlow's true-life heartbreaking story follows his decision to join the military. After witnessing traumatic battlefield events (unsuccessfully attempting to save a little girl in Iraq before his best friend, Ritchie, dies in his arms after saving his life), he returns home to American only to spiral into opioid addiction, finding himself in a coma for 4 years before making a miraculous recovery.

📝 Read an excerpt from the moving screenplay, written by Alexander Randazzo & Lionel Chetwynd.

The film is scheduled to begin filming in the Fall/Winter of 2020, in both Los Angeles and New Mexico. The goal of this production is to produce an authentic, high production value feature film on a modest budget of under $5M. The project has already raised $1MM in equity, secured $350K in debt, and is approved for up to $500K in tax credits for producing the film in New Mexico.

The casting is already well underway with the above mentioned attachments. A portion of proceeds raised on NextSeed will be utilized for casting and the more equity raised from the campaign, the more valuable the movie’s cast will be.

In accordance with new industry standards as well as local laws and ordinances, Military Movies Productions will create a production "bubble" for safety purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies and procedures include regular testing for cast and crew, a pod-based team structure and social distancing. The producers have put together a 15-page Covid process document that can be read on this offering. Standard production measures are already being adopted by many productions currently filming in North America and the producers will follow the highest health and safety procedures on this production.

The current COVID-19 pandemic, though presenting distinct challenges such as the closure of movie theaters and temporary halts in production, has produced exciting new opportunities in the film world and forced production and distribution companies to experiment with their legacy business models. From new Premium VOD offerings such as the much-hyped Mulan premiere from Disney, to the Covid-19 cultural phenomenon of NETFLIX’S Tiger King, producers and studios are in a strong position to innovate and capitalize on changing media consumption patterns.

The distribution strategy for Lonesome Soldier and future releases from Military Movies Productions falls into three primary areas. Please note that while theatrical distribution is not guaranteed due to the current business challenges that theaters across the country are dealing with, we will still be attempting to release the film theatrically.

Theatrical Distribution

  • Theatrical distribution has been one of the hardest hit businesses in America due Covid-19. Military Movies Productions has partnered with a distribution company called Vet Flicks, which will work to distribute Lonesome Soldier in movie theatres.
  • Due to the present market, theatrical distribution is currently in flux. We are hopeful this will change in the future but must be cautious about the Theatrical distribution market’s near term future.   
  • Producers are also working with two former distribution executives to round out our theatrical distribution team and get the film on as many screens as possible.

DVD and Streaming Rights

  • Military Movies is currently in talks with multiple VOD (video on demand) and streaming companies to distribute Lonesome Soldier. 
  • The plan is to take advantage of the 2021 holiday season with a big initiative around Veterans.
  • As an alternative option, self-distribution remains an attractive option – with a strong team of former distribution executives and companies and groups who are active with Veterans communities.

Foreign Sales

  • With military families stationed all around the world, the Military Movies brand and Lonesome Soldier have an opportunity to be sold worldwide.
  • The film's foreign sales will be handled by RedSea Media, a prominent international film distributor.

How do investors receive a potential return on their investment?

Most commonly, films receive revenue from theatrical releases, streaming rights, and foreign distribution.

  • Theatrical releases - Typically, the film's owners receive periodic payments from theaters based on ticket sales, which are then passed on to investors as waterfall distributions. 
  • Streaming rights - Typically, the film's owners receive a lump-sum payment from a media company (such as Netflix, HBO, etc) who acquires the rights to stream the film in specific regions. These lump-sum payments are then distributed to investors, with no residual income.
  • Foreign sales - Foreign distribution typically results in royalties paid to the film's owners when a movie airs internationally. A CAMA service, which stands for  “Collective Account Management Agreement will track a film's appearances and resulting royalty payments.

While the precise distribution deals are subject to change until the film is shot, edited, and showcased to potential buyers (this is established industry practice), Military Movies Productions aims to have a liquidity event by early-to-late 2021.

Regardless of the final distribution details, all potential dividends will be distributed to equity investors in the following manner:

  1. 100% of profits to Class B Members (NextSeed Investors are Class B Members) until they have received 120% of capital invested

  2. 100% of profits to Class C Members until they have received 120% of capital invested, then

  3. 1/3 of profits to each of Class B, A and C Members thereafter (NextSeed Investors are included in this)

10% of the Producers' net proceeds profits will be donated to veterans associations helping soldiers suffering from PTS.

Lonesome Soldier is raising up to $1M in equity in this offering, with a minimum raise amount of $200,000. All funds raised in this campaign will go towards variable production expenses such as casting, special effects, and additional production value. The more funds that are raised, the more the filmmakers will be able to put into elevating the production, though the film is currently able to produce the feature length script with the minimum of $50,000 due to existing secured financing ($1 MM in equity, $350K in debt, ~$500K in tax credits).

The Team

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Alexander Randazzo
Writer / Actor / Producer

Alexander Randazzo wrote, produced, and starred in his first feature film, based on the best selling book Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis at 13 years old, and has since written over 50 screenplays including both feature films and television shows. He optioned Lonesome Soldier after he was cast as Jackson Harlow by Linda Lee, Jackson’s real life mother.

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Chris Pappas
Producer / Military Movies Co-Founder

Chris Pappas was previously the Founder / CEO of Yokalsports.com. The company produced the Yokal Sports Sports Report which aired on 15 location television stations across America. He began his career working at Universal Studios where he worked on THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, ALONG CAME POLLY and 25 - 30 other movies. Previously he was part of United Talent Agency's Digital Media Group where he represented 50+ start up companies and negotiated the first social influencer deals. Chris loves producing movies, has been mentored by numerous contemporary producers and is very excited to start The Military Movies brand.

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Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace has been acting for 25 years and has been a screen actors guild member since 1995. He has also produced multiple films in that timeframe, including Confession, which starred now A-list actor Chris Pine (Wonder Woman, Star Trek).

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Steve Monroe
Executive Producer, Actor

Steve Monroe is a veteran character actor with over 100 film and television credits to his name. Most notably, Steve is often recognized from his roles in “Miss Congeniality,”  “The Following,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” He has worked with luminary directors such as Clint Eastwood (on 3 films) Robert Zemeckis, and Tom Shadyac. Humbled by the service and sacrifices of our military and veteran community, Monroe’s convictions about the importance of this film are unwavering and is why he is both an investor and actor in this motion picture.

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Retired Colonel John Albers
Executive Producer and Chairman of the Military Movies Board

John is a retired Marine Colonel and former naval aviator. He was the first Marine to command VX-20. During his command time, he oversaw the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance – Demonstration (BAMS-D, a Global Hawk modified for USN work) operations which were the precursor to the BAMS as well as the initial formation of the Triton (the USN modified Global Hawk BAMS article) test team.

Following a short stint with Raytheon post-military, John launched The Albers Group, an organization dedicated to helping find Veterans jobs upon returning to civilian life.

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Jonathan Meyers

A charismatic Writer/Director known for directing Confession, starring Chris Pine, A Fine Step, starring Armand Assante and the late Luke Perry, as well as writing Con Man, the true story of criminal Barry Minkow, starring James Caan, Justin Baldoni, and Mark Hamill.

After directing “A Fine Step” in Memphis, Tennessee with Luke Perry and Armand Assante, Meyers adapted two books for R.L. Stine’s Production Company. He is working with Universal Studios on an updated retelling of their film “The Man Who Laughs,” Ubisoft’s Production Company on an unnamed IP going from game to screen and has most recently partnered with The Russo Brothers’ Animation company Octopie for his original animated series “Little Dick” which he co-created with Jason and Jamie Neece, producers of the Netflix hit “Umbrella Academy”.

He is excited to bring the viewers into the world of Lonesome Soldier, and present a gritty, raw film that gives an accurate look at PTS, the collapse of Community, and the Opioid Crisis.

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Lionel Chetwynd

Lionel Chetwynd is an Academy Award and Emmy nominated writer, and has six Writers Guild of American nominations. To date, he has over 50 feature and long-form television credits, including the Vietnam trilogy: "The Hanoi Hilton," "To Heal a Nation," and "Kissinger and Nixon," as well as the Emmy-nominated "Ike: Countdown to D-Day” starring Tom Selleck.

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William "Billy" Rogers
Military Movies President of Physical Production & Covid-19 Compliance Officer

Billy Rogers, originally from Oklahoma, has worked in the print / commercial / TV / film industry in Los Angeles for over a decade as a child director, producer and 2nd assistant director. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience working with many variances of crews in pre-production and production on small and big budgets.

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Jason Allen
1st Assistant Director

Jason Allen was born in San Diego, California, raised in Tucson, Arizona and then moved to Bismarck, North Dakota. Jason came back to California and enrolled in the UCLA Short Fiction Film Program, where he wrote & directed The Lift (2000), one of the six selected films in the program to premiere at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Theater. Jason has gone on to be an intricate part of many ambitious-challenging feature films, award-winning short films, television and on-demand episodic series, countless promotional, commercial & music video productions as the first assistant director, producer and editor. His reputation as the first assistant director (member of the Director's Guild of America since 2011) on a production staff has proven invaluable to a number of independent feature films.


May 2016

Alexander Randazzo options the rights for the story

🚩July 2016-July 2018Alexander works with Jackson’s real life mother Linda Lee to finalize the script


November 2018
Introduced to Academy award-winning writer Lionel Chetwynd


February 2019
Mr. Chetwynd polishes the script for high level cast

May 2019
Casting begins

February 2020
Pre-Production begins with a start date of March 22

March 20, 2020
Production is shut down days before filming is scheduled to begin due to COVID-19

August 2020
Proof of Concept is shot during COVID-19

Feb/March 2021Production is scheduled to begin in Feb/March 2021 and go for 3 ½ weeks in Los Angeles before heading to New Mexico for an additional week.
Late 2021
Post-Production finishes and the film is released

Bonus Rewards



  • Limited edition merch with a shirt made by Authentically American


  • Advanced Digital Download of the film


  • Framed limited-edition signed investor film poster
  • Advanced Digital Download of the film


  • Framed limited-edition signed investor film poster
  • Autographed script by the cast
  • Advanced Digital Download of the film


  • Framed limited-edition signed investor film poster
  • Autographed script by the cast
  • VIP invitation to any premier of the film
  • Advanced Digital Download of the film


  • Non-speaking role in film and/or Associate Producer Credit
    (Investor must pass all of the production’s health requirements.)
  • 2 tickets to any film festivals, premieres or events the movie has


  • Non-speaking Military role, including boot camp training and Iraq scenes
    (Investor must pass all of the production’s health requirements.)
  • Plus all additionally mentioned perks


  • Member can join the Military Movies Board for 1 year and be involved in any future direction of the movie
  • Plus all additionally mentioned perks


  • Executive Producer Credit
  • VIP Invitation to premier of film as well as set visit
  • Plus all additionally mentioned perks


  • Perfect for any non profit, Producers will put together an event for an organization around the movie
  • Movie will screen privately for their members
  • Will work to have actors and director available for these screenings
  • Events can be used for whatever a non profit would need / want and future discussion will ensure
  • Plus all additionally mentioned perks

Any travel expenses incurred in order to participate in Bonus Rewards will be the responsibility of the investor.

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the Purchase Agreement and are not enforceable under the Purchase Agreement.


Issuer Statement

The information contained on this campaign page (the "Campaign Information") is furnished solely by the Issuer to prospective investors in the investment opportunity described herein. All Campaign Information is intended to be a summary of the terms and information contained in the Disclosure Statement and the Purchase Agreement, and is fully qualified by reference to those documents. In the event any Campaign Information conflicts with the terms of the Disclosure Statement or Purchase Agreement, the terms of those documents will control. The Issuer has provided the Campaign Information for inclusion on the website located at www.nextseed.com, and in no way will the Campaign Information be deemed to have been created or provided by NextSeed Securities, LLC, NextSeed Services, LLC, or their affiliates.