Company Description

MOB CYCLE is the ultimate, full-body indoor cycling workout. Cyclers ride to the beat of the music in a high energy, inspirational environment with the best fitness talents guiding the class. With the goal of combining cardio and culture, riders sweat out life’s challenges in unison, as a community, as a MOB. The first studio is slated for Salt Lake City, with additional plans to expand throughout the Mountain West region (Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and Arizona).

Different from other popular cycling programs, MOB is not a meditative experience. Best described as a party on a bike, classes are movement heavy, beat-specific and best enjoyed with others. The program values physical group activity and the idea that we are “stronger together.” Best of all, the workout is suitable for all fitness levels.

At $20 per class, MOB CYCLE is an excellent value in the world of boutique cycling studios. Riders can expect top of the line equipment including Stages SC2 Bikes (industry best) and music from state-of-the-art Bose commercial sound systems. Cycling shoes are available for rental ($2) or to purchase. Instructors are also the best in their field, scouted and specifically trained by owner Megan Tyrrell in Southern California.

In addition to the studio and its 50 bikes, MOB CYCLE patrons can expect unparalleled customer service and five-star amenities including shower, bathroom and vanity areas stocked with towels, hair dryers, straighteners and free toiletries. Each class ends with an ice-cold eucalyptus towel.

MOB CYCLE is more than just a spin studio, it’s a culture. To that end, the founders have brought on talented creatives like architect Randall Larsen to design an experience that’s unique for customers from the second they walk in the door. Larsen will create a clean, minimal studio with space that encourages socializing.

The first MOB CYCLE is expected to open Fall 2018.

Business Model

MOB CYCLE is not reinventing the wheel, so to speak - it has simply made it better. Workouts will consist of 45- and 60-minute classes that are rhythm-based and specifically choreographed to ensure consistency between instructors. By the end of year one, MOB CYCLE plans to offer 40 classes per week.

Cycling classes will cost $20, a very competitive fee for boutique fitness and especially so considering the quality of instructors and amenities. Students and military — with proof of ID — will enjoy an $18 class rate. Riders will also gain loyalty points/rewards for bookings and purchases made online.

Custom MOB CYCLE bikeMarketing efforts will be essential to MOB’s success. Website, social media and email updates will launch six months prior to opening. Targeted advertising and pop-up rides at various events and conferences will launch four months prior. In the two months leading up to MOB’s opening, the studio will book its first press and social influencer rides. As MOB is truly a community experience, the studio’s opening week will celebrate with group events including friends and family rides, social media contests and a live DJ open house.

Rendering of MOB CYCLE lobby and branding

As the business plans to grow across the Mountain West region, MOB apparel will also help to establish the brand. Fitness gear such as leggings, tees and sweatshirts will be available in studio and branded with the MOB logo and its mantras. Shoe rentals will cost $2 per class but MOB will also offer a variety of spin shoes for purchase.

Location Analysis

MOB CYCLE's first location will be located at 134 Regent Street, Suite D, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. 

MOB CYCLE will be located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas have grown considerably in recent years with the upsurgence of a strong tech scene — spearheaded by Adobe and DOMO — and support from the large neighboring universities (University of Utah and BYU). The first MOB Cycle location will be located on Regent Street, in the heart of downtown. Directly adjacent to Main Street – Salt Lake City's most important commercial thoroughfare – Regent Street is in the midst of a dramatic transformation into a new specialty retail and cafe district.

MOB's immediate neighbors will include two landmarks in Salt Lake City's recent downtown urban redevelopment: the 2,500-seat Eccles Theater and 111 Main Street, a 25-story Class A office tower anchored by Goldman Sachs. City Creek Center, a mixed-use development home to 300 housing units, 600,000 square feet of retail and a Marriott hotel is directly next door.

Utah is a relatively untapped market for boutique fitness, particularly that of the booming indoor cycling variety. In fact, only two boutique spin studios exist in all of Utah at the moment. Fortunately, MOB excels with its elite instructors, 5-star customer service and upscale amenities, something these other studios cannot boast.

Wellness communities like MOB CYCLE play an essential and positive role in community ecosystems. The Mountain West region is known for its active demographic and healthy lifestyles. It’s also prone to weather that can change on a dime. By introducing a consistent, superior indoor activity in an untapped market, MOB is uniquely positioned to succeed.

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