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Language immersion for preschool education uses neuroscience to build its curriculum.

  • One of the few programs nationwide giving parents an opportunity to make their children multilingual from infancy. Serving ages 6 months to 6 years, while children’s neurological capacity for language acquisition is at its prime.
  • Graduates from Morningside PlayCare are aggressively recruited by the top private elementary schools in New York City.

Secured a $1.8m+ contract with the New York Department of Education, offering revenue stability and funds for future growth.

  • Five-Year City Contract: The 5-year contract with the DOE provides Morningside PlayCare with some buildout reimbursement and offers subsidized tuition which allows parents to enroll for free. This is a strategic collaboration with NYC’s Universal Pre-K initiative.
  • Second Location: Morningside PlayCare is currently building out its second location near Columbia University, scheduled to open this fall.

Mission-driven Founder is a recognized leader in the field.

  • Dr. Gail Foster is regularly recruited to present her school’s achievements at national language conferences, and her bilingual storybook, Would You Help Me Choose A Pet?, has received multiple accolades.
  • Morningside PlayCare is a Benefit Corporation that has grown is currently surpassing 2021 financial forecasts because of Dr. Foster’s clear mission and vision to serve the community.

Watch how we facilitate a 14-month-old child becoming multilingual by age 6.


Morningside PlayCare
July 28, 2021

Re-launching the Morningside PlayCare Campaign

Dear NextSeed investors,

I wanted to send a special thank you to all the investors who have participated in this current Morningside PlayCare NextSeed Campaign. I know there are a number of investment options for your finances, and I am truly grateful that you have chosen to use your funds to invest in the vision of Morningside PlayCare.

Based on our current financing needs as well as the recent performance of the business (exceeding projections), I have restructured my offering as a debt investment rather than a future equity offering. I believe this is a better fit for our business, and it provides investors with more clarity around the repayment of this investment.

The MPC Campaign will be re-launching shortly with these updated terms:

1) Term note with a 12% annualized interest rate.

2) There will be a 10-month startup period, meaning our monthly payments will begin 10 months after the offering close date. During this startup period, interest will be accruing and will be counted towards the investment principal.

3) The 48-month maturity for the note will also start from the offering close date.

4) The campaign period has been extended to October 4th.

With the reset of the offering, your investments have been canceled and returned to your NextSeed accounts. To reinvest (or invest a new amount), you will need to go back and indicate your investment based on these new investment terms.

Again, I thank you for believing in our mission, investing in this valuable education, and participating in our growth.


Gail Foster, Ed.D.

Morningside PlayCare (MPC) is a unique nursery and pre-school language immersion program. We cultivate the language genius, open-mindedness, and wonder-filled hearts of young children through daily nurturing childcare, and immersion in the Mandarin and Spanish languages. Children play, explore nature, and practice yoga – all in the context of language immersion. Morningside PlayCare is located in New York’s Morningside Heights (Columbia University area) and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The Big Vision: To help create a generation of distinguished young Americans – bridge builders, peacemakers, and citizen diplomats. As the little ones grow into multilingual young adults, they will be globally and academically competent, able to communicate and build across cultures, and most importantly, grounded in respect and compassion for all living things.

Neuroscience-based Methods: Emerging research on language development in early childhood evidences that the young brain has an astounding capacity to acquire multiple languages. Linguists agree that foreign languages are best taught in the earliest years, and language immersion is the single most effective method for learning and teaching a new language. Scholars have documented increased academic performance in reading, reasoning, executive function, and math in elementary students who have acquired dual-language fluency. They even score higher on SATs.

This year, Morningside PlayCare is poised for growth. It is physically expanding with the launch of its second location as well as an improved curriculum that includes in-person and online services, enrollment of infants as young as six months old, a contract with New York City, and a deeper focus on its yoga and nature-science curriculum.

NYC DOE Contract Promises Reimbursement for Start-Up Funds & Steady Income

Morningside PlayCare has secured a 5-year contract with the New York City Department of Education as part of the city’s Universal Pre-K initiative – a big win for this small MWBE. The contract will allow 4-year-olds, regardless of family income, to enroll tuition-free.

In addition to providing guaranteed pandemic-proof income, the contract attracts parents to MPC’s private tuition infant and toddler classes with the hope of a year of free tuition in UPK when their child turns four. This city contract offers revenue stability at a critical moment in time.

Key Aspects of the Contract:

  • Five-year renewable contract
  • Total Contract Value: $1,875,025
    • Startup funds to be paid in Year 1
    • Annual contract with operating funds to be paid monthly
  • Initial enrollment funding (35% of annual funding) – promised July 2021
  • Monthly payments based upon full enrollment – promised to start October 2021

Bridging the Cash Flow Challenge

While the NYCDOE contract ensures revenue stability for the business, the disbursement of funds is currently lagging behind the contracted schedule. This is not uncommon with government contracts, and funds raised on NextSeed will help bridge this funding lag.

Additional startup capital from the landlord is also committed in the form of reimbursement for tenant improvement to the property. These funds are promised at construction milestones and are an important feature of the lease. Funds raised here at NextSeed will also bridge this commitment from the landlord.

Reaching Profitability

Even without the guaranteed revenue from the Universal Pre-K contract, Morningside PlayCare projects a breakeven in profitability by the end of Year 1 and positive cash flow in Year 2. By Year 5, the school anticipates profitability of over $600,000 annually. Additional growth upside can be captured beyond the presented projections.

By raising capital on NextSeed, Morningside PlayCare will fund the buildout and expansion of its business and bridge the funding lag with the NYCDOE and contract. The total project cost for its new location is estimated to be $1.2m with the NextSeed raise providing $250,000.

Morningside PlayCare is raising a round on NextSeed to (1) meet the cash flow gap based on the anticipated timing for reimbursements; (2) fund additional buildout costs accounted for in the MPC business plan; and (3) bridge the business to its anticipated profitability in the second half of 2022.

With a solid business plan and the DOE contract, MPC moved forward in early 2021 and signed a lease to open its second site at 667 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025. This is in the heart of the Upper West Side. With 6,376 young families, it is one of the most densely populated and family-friendly communities in New York State. Because of its proximity to Columbia University, many neighborhood families and current MPC families are Columbia affiliates. Parents live in this area to take advantage of the top private and public schools, for which it is known.

The Only Dual Language Mandarin Universal Pre-K Program: Upper West Side parents are constantly petitioning the NYCDOE for more Dual Language programs - and while Spanish, French and Russian programs exist, MPC will be the first Dual Language Mandarin program in the neighborhood. We have full community support.

Wait-List for Our Private Program: Our private student enrollment goals have been met. While the DOE contract increases certainty, it is important to note that Morningside PlayCare’s expansion plans are not dependent upon the DOE contract for success. Interest in the private program is robust. This is because MPC is the only private Spanish and Mandarin immersion nursery school on the Upper West Side and its distinctive curriculum targets a niche market. High demand for what it offers has led to MPC successfully meeting its private student target enrollment goals for this year. Morningside PlayCare now maintains a wait-list.

Lease: The lease provides 3,057 square feet for use as a licensed childcare center and strategically ties rent to enrollment in the early years. The first-floor white-box store-front space is located in a residential high-rise building with a side-street entrance off a bustling main street featuring the popular Trader Joe’s market which attracts families throughout the borough.

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Gail Foster, Ed.D.

Gail Foster, Ed.D. is a decorated educator with a 20+-year history as a successful educational entrepreneur developing frontier programs in her field. A graduate of Columbia University's Teachers College, her experience includes service as a school administrator, consultant to education start-ups, and published research contributions to the field for major education think tanks. She has won numerous civic awards for her service to children and families, including an invitation to the White House.

In addition, she has served as a nonprofit Executive, organizational consultant, teacher trainer, and classroom teacher Pre-K to Graduate School. Foster has served on many distinguished boards, including the national Council on American Private Education and various private and charter school boards. As a research scholar at the RAND Corporation, the Institute for Independent Education, the NYC Department of Education, CUNY, and the Toussaint Institute, she has published on the power of inquiry-based learning, inner city private schools, private school start-ups, small public schools, African American boys with special education labels, and community-based and women led educational enterprises, including historically black independent schools.

She is the winner of numerous civic awards and a gubernatorial citation, as well as an invitation to the White House for developing programs that are responsive to parents, place children at the center, and serve as leading edge models for education practitioners and policymakers. She is a mom with a passion for transforming American education and views her current work as yet another opportunity to serve and contribute. In her past incarnation, Dr. Foster founded the Association of Historically Black Independent Schools.

The Core Members of her Team are four other successful entrepreneurs, including two educators experienced with government contracts:

  • Sheree Palmer, Founder & CEO of Cambria Center for the Gifted in Queens, NYC.
  • Claudia Stedge, Founder & CEO of Partnership for Education in Columbia County NY.
  • Tuesday Brooks, owner of Ajoy Enterprises accounting firm in New York, NY.
  • Todd Ruffins, experienced start-up assistant and facilities operations person in Suffolk County, NY.

Bonus Rewards



  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Name on Investor Plaque within school
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Dinner with Dr. Foster
  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Name on Investor Plaque within school
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster