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  • Leaders in the Field: One of the few programs nationwide giving parents an opportunity to make their children multilingual from infancy.
  • Full Immersion in Two Languages: Native Mandarin and Spanish speaking teachers immerse the children in the target languages leading to native level fluency in the children.
  • Targets Critical Years: Serving ages 6 months to 6 years, while children’s neurological capacity for language acquisition is at its prime.
  • Combines Childcare with Language Learning: Monday - Friday, 8 am to 6pm.
  • Neuroscience Based: Curriculum designed around leading-edge neuroscience on the linguistic genius of the young brain. See TED Talk below.
  • Demonstrated Effectiveness: First graduate class is now fluent in Mandarin at ages 5 and 6. Spanish comprehension acquired by students in their first year.
  • Highly Regarded by Peer Schools: Graduates aggressively recruited by the top immersion elementary schools in New York City.
  • Leader, Scholar, and Author in the Field: Dr. Foster is regularly recruited to present her school’s achievements at national language conferences and her bilingual storybook, Would You Help Me Choose A Pet?, has received multiple accolades.

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Morningside PlayCare has a big vision: Model how Americans can achieve multilingual citizenry in six years or less - simply by doing what we know works!

The school cultivates the language genius, open-mindedness, and wonder-filled hearts of young children. They do this by providing nurturing care as they immerse children in the Mandarin and Spanish languages through play, authentic creative activities, yoga and exploration of nature. Their mission is to help create a generation of distinguished young Americans who will serve as bridge builders, peacemakers, and citizen diplomats. They envision young adults who are globally and academically competent, multilingual, fluent in Chinese and Latinx culture, living in loving connection with nature, confident in their ability to build and create, and aspiring to a planet where all have the opportunity to realize their potential.

From the ages of 0-5, the young brain is voraciously acquiring language. The brain is primed for language acquisition during early childhood. By teaching a more challenging language (for Americans) like Mandarin during these early formative years, there is an increased chance of lingual success. Morningside PlayCare also teaches Spanish because young children are neurologically capable of acquiring multiple languages simultaneously. The process of simultaneously acquiring two (or three) languages makes the brain more agile, and more adept at learning other skills when they reach grade school. Each language primes the brain for another.

Response to the Pandemic: MPC moved its program online for four months, strategically cut the budget, then re-opened with safety protocols in place. Amazingly, Morningside PlayCare ended the fiscal year 2020 in the black! The program then exhaled and turned to the future, securing a NextSeed loan to plan its next move.

Expansion in 2021

This year, equipped with a plan for expansion that includes in-person and online services, enrollment of infants as young as six months, a contract with New York City, a deeper focus on its yoga and nature-science curriculum, and a new location, Morningside PlayCare is poised for growth.

City Contract: Morningside PlayCare has a prized contract to deliver PreK services for the New York City Department of Education. This contract will allow 4-year-olds, regardless of family income, to enroll tuition-free. It will attract parents to its infant and toddler classes, and guarantee a solid portion of its income, as the country awaits the post-pandemic stabilization of the American economy.

Location: They couldn’t have awarded the contract for MPC to operate in a better location. The Upper West Side is in love with Dual Language programs, and MPC will be the first Dual Language Mandarin program, and the only multilingual language program in the neighborhood. While the DOE contract increases certainty, Morningside PlayCare’s expansion plans are not dependent upon it for success. Interest in its private program is robust.

Upper West Side Lease: With a solid business plan, MPC moved forward in early 2021 and signed a lease to open its second site at 667 Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side. The lease provides 3,057 square feet for use as a licensed childcare center and strategically ties rent to enrollment in the early years. There are 6,376 middle income families with young children located within a 15 minute walk of the new location. The first-floor white-box store-front space is located in a residential high-rise building with a side-street entrance off a bustling main street featuring the popular Trader Joe’s market. The location shares its zip code with Columbia University, whose affiliates are a key segment of MPC’s target market, and who live throughout the neighborhood. This site will house both private and NYCDOE contract classrooms.

Profitability: Even without the guaranteed revenue from UPK, Morningside PlayCare projects a breakeven in profitability by the end of Year 1 and positive cash flow in Year 2. By Year 5, the school anticipates profitability of over $600,000 annually. Additional growth upside can be captured beyond the presented projections.

Execution Plan

Sales Funnel Objectives

  • Add 1,000 new target market email contacts by 8/21 and 3,000 by 1/22
  • Secure 100 long-form applications by 8/21; and 160 by 3/22

Marketing Objectives

  • Acquire name recognition in the neighborhood of the new site
  • Distribute 1,000 bilingual storybooks and brochures
  • Raise our social media marketing following by 100%


  • Give branding a face-lift with a new logo [see above] and new website
  • Make the world aware of the school’s green, organic, maker-culture, and sustainable focus
  • Cross merchandise and poster in neighborhood businesses
  • Market to social media influencers
  • Be present on curator platforms
  • Implement conversion-driven marketing plan
  • Be flexible in response to pandemic driven trends
  • Incentivize current followers and customers to promote
  • Publish bilingual storybook and distribute

By raising capital on NextSeed, Morningside PlayCare’s goal is to ensure they have the continued ability to provide their critical services to the children and families they serve. 

The total project cost is estimated to be $400,000 with the NextSeed raise providing $250,000. The uses of these funds will go towards working capital and renovation of their new location.

Morningside PlayCare Inc.

Type of Offering
Regulation Crowdfunding

Offered By
Offered by NextSeed Securities, LLC

Offering Min


Offering Max


Min Individual Investment


Raised to date


Type of Securities Future Equity (SAFE)
Valuation Cap $2,250,000
Discount 20%
View the Issuer's SEC Form C filing

Bonus Rewards



  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Name on Investor Plaque within school
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster


  • Dinner with Dr. Foster
  • Special Invitation (x2) to our Opening Reception
  • Name on Investor Plaque within school
  • Soft Cover Bilingual Storybook by Dr. Foster

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Gail Foster

Dr. Gail Foster is a decorated educator with a 20+-year history as a successful educational entrepreneur developing frontier programs in her field. A graduate of Columbia University's Teachers College, her experience includes service as a school administrator, consultant to education start-ups, and published research contributions to the field for major education think tanks. She has won numerous civic awards for her service to children and families, including an invitation to the White House.

In addition, she has served as a nonprofit Executive, organizational consultant, teacher trainer, and classroom teacher Pre-K to Graduate School. Dr. Foster has served on many distinguished boards, including the national Council on American Private Education and various private and charter school boards. As a research scholar at the RAND Corporation, the Institute for Independent Education, the NYC Department of Education, CUNY, and the Toussaint Institute, she has published on the power of inquiry-based learning, inner city private schools, private school start-ups, small public schools, African American boys with special education labels, and community-based and women led educational enterprises, including historically black independent schools.

She is the winner of numerous civic awards and a gubernatorial citation, as well as an invitation to the White House for developing programs that are responsive to parents, place children at the center, and serve as leading edge models for education practitioners and policymakers. She is a mom with a passion for transforming American education and views her current work as yet another opportunity to serve and contribute. In her past incarnation, Dr. Foster founded the Association of Historically Black Independent Schools.

The Core Members of her Team are four other successful entrepreneurs, including two educators experienced with government contracts:

  • Sheree Palmer, Founder & CEO of Cambria Center for the Gifted in Queens, NYC.
  • Claudia Stedge, Founder & CEO of Partnership for Education in Columbia County NY.
  • Tuesday Brooks, owner of Ajoy Enterprises accounting firm in New York, NY.
  • Todd Ruffins, experienced start-up assistant and facilities operations person in Suffolk County, NY.

The research on language development in early childhood shows that the young brain has an astounding capacity to acquire language. Linguists agree that foreign languages are best taught in the earliest years, and language immersion is the single most effective method for learning and teaching a new language. Scholars have documented increased academic performance in reading, reasoning, executive function, and math in elementary students who have acquired dual-language fluency. They even score higher on SATs!

In-person Spanish Class 

In-person Mandarin Class 

In-person Nature Studies

Online Spanish Class

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