Top Things to Know

Premier soccer bar and restaurant uniquely positioned next to Houston Dynamo stadium.

Launching the premier soccer bar and restaurant in Houston
Uniquely positioned within one mile of 3 major league sports stadiums (Houston Dynamo, Astros, and Rockets)
Experienced team behind Kirby Group bring decades of operating experience, paired with Houston Dynamo legend Brian Ching leading the charge
$3 million revenue forecasted for first year
This investment is secured by a blanket lien on all assets of the business

Investment Highlights

IssuerPitch 25, LLC
Type of Offering Regulation Crowdfunding
Type of SecuritiesRevenue Sharing Note
Multiple 1.5x
Revenue Sharing Percentage 6.5%
Maturity 48 months
Offered ByNextSeed US LLC


Pitch 25
Apr 4, 2018

Thank You from Pitch 25

We want to thank you for being a part of this one of a kind concept and helping to successfully fund our campaign. There are 392 investors spread across our country from as far away as Hawaii to Vermont. This just goes to show us that the love for this beautiful game runs throughout our country. However, this will be more than just a soccer bar, it will be a place for everyone to come and enjoy sports, live music and the company of friends.

Right now, we are still in the middle of construction and moving along quickly. Soon we will remove a section of the outside courtyard’s roof, and utilize that wood to create tables and benches.

In regards to bonus rewards, we are finalizing the scarf design and creating investor cards through our POS system. It is exciting to see everything coming together quickly. We are confident that we can be open near the beginning of May.

Thank you again for taking this adventure with us; we are extremely motivated and excited to make Pitch 25 a special place. We will be working closely with NextSeed and reaching out shortly regarding your bonus rewards and an investor party.