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  • Cruise Credits are Fully Transferable and Never Expire!

  • Austin's Best Party Boat Rentals on Beautiful Lake Travis for 5 to 50 Guests

  • 4-hour Private Charters, Captain, Crew, & Amenities on Boats All Provided

  • Paddleboards, DJ & Photography Services, Lily Pads, & Catering Available with Every Cruise

  • Home of the World Famous ATX Disco Cruise for Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties 

  • In Business for 10 Years, Operate 3 Boats, & Have Hosted over 2,000 Successful Cruises 

  • Experienced, Friendly Group of Captains, Crew , & Management Staff 

  • Best Customer Service & Best Reviews in Town

  • Perfect Event Venue for Outings of All Sizes with Friends, Family, & Coworkers!

Campaign Updates

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Premier Party Cruises
July 3, 2020

Webinar Recording / Details on Free Cruises

Hey everyone! 

In case you missed it, I taped a webinar last week to tell my story about starting Premier Party Cruises, explain what we're doing to make it through the pandemic, and provide details about our investment campaign, including the free cruises we're offering as Bonus Rewards. Please take a look if you haven't already, and leave a comment at the bottom of the campaign in the comments section if you have any questions!

📺 Watch here

We would love to earn your support in helping us weather the storm, and remember - everyone gets a credit for a free private cruise per $1,000 invested, and every credit is fully transferable and never expires!  

Thank you so much for your time, and have a great weekend!

Brian Hill
Owner, Premier Party Cruises

About the Business

Premier Party Cruises is a completely unique experience when it comes to party boat charters in Central Texas. The name alone, Premier Party Cruises, encapsulates exactly what the business is all about. Premier Party Cruises is the only company in Austin offering a full suite of event planning services to help you create the best possible day on the water, an experience you’ll remember for years to come.

Cruise packages include options to book a DJ, hire a photographer, and have catering delivered to the boat, and we have lily pads & paddle boards available to rent with every cruise. We are truly a one stop shop for fun in the sun!

We built our first boat in 2009, and now have 3 boats and host over 400 cruises a year, for groups from 2 to 50 people! We’ve hosted thousands of events over the past 10 years, for every type of event you can imagine. From bachelorette parties & corporate events to family outings & birthday parties, we’ve done it all.

The most popular service is the ATX Disco Cruise, a turnkey party experience exclusively for bachelorette and bachelor parties, where groups from all over the country gather together on the fleet’s largest party boat each weekend for an epic party experience that clients simply cannot find anywhere else!

We are really good at what we do, and are trying our best to get through this crazy year. We’ve lost hundreds of cruises and at least ⅔ of our revenue this year already, and we would be eternally grateful if you could help us stay afloat by investing in our recovery.

📺  Watch the NextSeed Campaign Video
📺  Watch the story of Brian's business on the 'Establishing Your Empire' podcast

Bonus Rewards



  • 1 Ticket to Investor Disco Cruise


  • 2 Tickets to Investor Disco Cruise


  • 6 Tickets to Investor Disco Cruise


  • 10 Tickets to 2021 Investor Disco Cruise
  • Free Private Cruise for 50 People
  • 2 Tickets to Annual Investor Cruise Every Year


  • 10 Tickets to 2021 Investor Disco Cruise
  • 2 Free Private Cruises for 50 People
  • 2 Tickets to Annual Investor Cruise Every Year


  • 10 Tickets to 2021 Investor Disco Cruise
  • 3 Free Private Cruises (Sunday-Friday), OR 1 Free Private Cruise for 50 people (Saturdays)
  • 6 Tickets to Annual Investor Cruise Every Year


  • 10 Tickets to 2021 Investor Disco Cruise
  • 6 Free Private Cruises (Sunday-Friday), OR 2 Free Private Cruises for 50 people (Saturdays)
  • 10 Tickets to Annual Investor Cruise Every Year


  • 10 Tickets to 2021 Investor Disco Cruise
  • 10 Free Private Cruises for 50 People
  • 10 Tickets to Annual Investor Cruise Every Year

In 2021, we will be throwing an amazing party for everyone that invests the $100 minimum to aid in our recovery. This cruise will include one of our favorite DJs, a professional photographer, a mimosa bar, lily pads, and a giant inflatable unicorn that we only bring out for special occasions.

It will likely take a handful of cruises to accommodate all the takers, but it’s a labor of love and I promise you as the owner, you do not want to miss this party. We’re all going to be in such a good mood when this all blows over, and I’ll make sure it’s the party of the year for everyone that attends. On top of everything listed above included in this cruise, all investors who receive the EXCLUSIVE invitation will have their name engraved on a plaque mounted on the boat, as Patron Saints of Premier Party Cruises, to immortalize your generosity in helping us keep the party going!

Investments under $1,000 will receive a corresponding number of tickets to the Investor Disco Cruise, and investors who contribute $1,000 or more will receive a credit for their own private cruise to schedule at their convenience (whether it’s next year or 5 years down the line), at the rate of 1 cruise per $1,000 invested. There will be no expiration date for these cruise credits, and they are fully transferable if someone else wants to use it. These cruises will be private charters with a captain & crew, great speaker system, coolers, and all amenities provided, and we’ll throw in the lily pads for guests to use during your cruise as well.

Please note: Cruise credits can be utilized for a 4-hour cruise on any Sunday-Friday throughout the year. Sorry, Saturdays are precious, just can’t do it :)

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the Note Purchase Agreement and are not enforceable under the Note Purchase Agreement.

Business History

Premier Party Cruises is a locally owned and operated, private charter boat business based in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Dripping Springs, Texas, owner Brian Hill designed and built the first boat from scratch and started the business at the age of 23. Ten years later, he operates a fleet of 3 boats, hosting over 400 events a year on Lake Travis.

2008 – Brian Hill earns degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin

2009 – After working as an engineer in Houston, Brian decides to change course and starts working on an idea to build a boat for a 4th of July party with his friends

2009 – Recognizing the potential to build into a business, hosted first rental cruise

2011 – Scaled the business from 80 bookings in 2010 to 140 bookings in 2011

2016 – Relocated to a new marina with room to expand

2017 – Built second boat and doubled the business overnight

2018 – Built 3rd boat, booked solid every weekend

2019 – Started hosting the ATX Disco Cruise, combining several groups of bachelor(ettes)onto one boat, throwing them an awesome party with a DJ, professional photographer, lilypads, giant unicorn float, mimosa bar… the works!

Impact of COVID-19

Premier Party Cruises has shown steady economic growth year after year for the past decade. Our numbers have consistently increased, even when faced with one of the worst droughts ever recorded on Lake Travis. Sales have increased 400% between 2016 and 2019, and we were set to nearly double the pace of 2019 in 2020. While in early March of 2019 we had earned about $45,000 in revenue, we had already surpassed $80,000 by the same time in March 2020, equating to about a 177% growth rate. 2020 was looking to be another record-breaking year, with 135 bookings by March 10th, and Premier Party Cruises projected to reach between $750,000-$850,000.

Just weeks before we were set to kick off Premier’s best season yet, the whole world changed. COVID-19 became a global pandemic, and business came to a complete stop. From record breaking numbers, to absolutely no business coming in whatsoever. An overwhelmingly large portion of our customers were set to travel from out of state to spend a day on the water with us. As flights, hotels, and Airbnbs began to cancel across the board, all of our customers with future reservations began requesting refunds. The reality then set in that our entire season was going to be cancelled because of COVID-19.

2020 was set to be the year Premier Party Cruises came completely out of the red, and were about 3 months away from paying everything off with record breaking sales in 2020, and then COVID happened.

This pandemic adversely affected us in a way we never could have seen coming. We have made it through droughts, floods, crazy Texas thunderstorms, and some of the wildest drunk people you can imagine. We have literally planned for and survived every situation imaginable, except for everyone having to cancel all at once. It was a bummer to put it lightly. Like every company in the tourism industry, these busy months are crucial to keeping the business operational, and the fact of the matter is that Premier Party Cruises simply cannot survive without a supplement to this upcoming season’s greatly reduced revenue.

Recovery Plan

As things start to open back up in Texas, we’re focusing our marketing efforts this year on attracting local customers whose plans are not travel-dependent, who can more easily reschedule if conditions worsen and we have to cease operations again. In early June, we’ve started booking up much smaller cruises to adapt to new social distancing norms. 

We also want to be clear that we are not going to open up as brazenly as Texas has over the past 6 weeks. We’re fans of science, and we will be keeping our cruise sizes small until we are certain from the statistics that it is safe to expand our capacity. If there Is a second wave, we will monitor the situation closely and respond to the health requirements.

As people have gotten stir-crazy from being in quarantine, we have seen record web traffic with close to 300 visits per day over the past month, and we are turning away a tremendous amount of business right now in our effort to maintain public safety. However, we are determined to get through this pandemic without taking any unnecessary risks that could put our customers or our highly-specialized, experienced staff, who are also our best friends, in jeopardy.

Realistically, our business will not fully recover until we’re able to return to normal business operations, operating at full capacity with larger cruises. We’re taking this downtime to buildout other elements of our weekend planning services that strengthen our business and diversify against future risks that may cause future slowdowns, but irreparable damage has been done already, and the rest of the year is still very much up in the air. For these reasons, the fundraising that we’re able to accomplish with community investors on NextSeed is crucial to making sure we can weather the storm and return stronger than ever in 2021.

Location and Industry Analysis

It’s no secret that Austin is consistently listed as one of the best places in the country to live& visit, and it is one of the fastest growing tourism markets in the country. Lake Travis is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, and there is an energy in Austin that cannot be found anywhere else. We have the product that everyone wants to use and experience when they visit, and we have created one of the best experiences that Austin has to offer.

Once the dust settles, the travel industry as a whole is expecting a huge rebound, as everyone is ready to get out of the house after being cooped up for several months, dreaming about the outside world. You reading this campaign is proof of that. We know the market better than anyone, we know exactly what customers to focus on, and have the reviews that show our track record and superb customer service to keep people booking with us consistently for years to come.

Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in bachelorette & bachelor parties coming to Austin, and in 2019 we created the ATX Disco Cruise, specifically for these groups. The ATX Disco Cruise is a turnkey cruise experience where we gather several bachelorette & bachelor groups together on our biggest boat, Clever Girl, and throw them all a great party. We book one of our favorite DJs, prepare a mimosa bar, hire a professional photographer, and provide 3 lily pad floats and a giant inflatable unicorn (or swan, or flamingo), and throw them one hell of a party. It’s absolutely hilarious and has become our bread & butter, and in 2019 we hosted 30 Disco Cruises for nearly 200 different groups, visiting from all over the country. With everyone celebrating the same thing, and the party ready for them when they show up, it was truly a magical experience, and the highlight of everyone’s weekend, every single time.

As a testament to that, we had 135 bookings this year by March 10th when everything came to a halt, and 120 of those were groups coming to visit Austin for the ATX Disco Cruise. We are obviously not able to host these cruises for the time being, but as the demand is still there even during the pandemic, when things return to normal we will get right back to it.

Your investment will help us get through these difficult times, and continue to provide thePremier experience for everyone who books with us for their big day on the lake. We’ve been through just about every situation imaginable to make it through 10 years of droughts and floods and organized chaos, and one thing is for sure: if we can make it through this, we can make it through anything.

We encourage you to watch the podcast at the top of this campaign page to get to know me a little better, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment on this campaign page and visit our website to learn more!

Thank you all so much for your time and consideration, and hope to see you on the water next year!

Brian Hill, Owner
Premier Party Cruises

The Team

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Brian Hill
Experience Optimization Engineer

A native of Central Texas, Brian earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Austin before putting his skills to work designing and building the boats for Premier Party Cruises. In addition to building and maintaining the boats, Brian has been managing the day-to-day business operations, designing and building new boats, and optimizing the sales, marketing and web design for the past 11 years.

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Justin Rossi
Chaos Management Expert

Justin has been with the company since its inception. If the fleet and the crew are the bones and muscles of the company, Justin is the nervous system. He controls the flow of information, and makes and implements systems to ensure everything runs smoothly from the first time a guest visits our website to the day of their awesome event. He prides himself in being prompt and helpful when it comes to making sure our customers have the best experience possible. Customers have always said that Justin's level of professionalism, willingness to go above and beyond, and friendly and helpful personality set us apart from other companies that they reached out to, and often was the determining factor in them ultimately choosing Premier Party Cruises. He can cook, too.

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