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Hello, Cuc Lam owned and operated a Houston bar and grill, can you disclose the name of this bar and grill? What eventually happened to the bar and grill business? Thanks, Bill
Hi Bill, Three Sheets Bar & Grill is the name of the Bar. I believe it is still in business. I sold my share to my partner’s parents and went back to the corporate world. -The SING Team
The total anticipated project cost for SING is $650,000. The owners have committed $300,000 in equity. Your offering amount is a maximum of $107,000. Where will the remaining $243,000 come from?
Hi Roberto, From a senior bank loan, as mentioned in the offering materials. - The SING Team
Can you please tell us more about the senior debt that has a higher priority lien? How much is that debt for, what are the tersms, and roughly what amount of fixed assets do you have on your balance sheet in case? I'm trying to get a sense of how muc ...
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Hi Anand A 2017 balance sheet was provided in the public offering material. The senior lien is for a line of credit of up to $379,000. -The SING Team