About Soul Brew Kombucha

Meet Alesia Miller, a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; a brewery hotspot with a rich history in music and soul. As a mother, vocalist and music teacher Alesia quickly saw the effects of self care abandonment while serving others. One visit to the doctors office changed her focus and started her journey of wholistic healing. Research, consultations, youtube videos and a series of explosive trial and error brews all prepared her for the this glorious journey.

A sincere desire to heal naturally ignited the passion to brew the best tasting kombucha you'll ever taste, as a direct result, Soul Brew was born. Milwaukee’s first and only black female owned kombucha tea company is strategically located in the treasured heart of the city; where over 40% of its residents suffer from or are at risk for diabetes. Soul Brew is a gut healthy alternative to sugary drinks rich in probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and much much more. Boasting small batch-handcrafted sparkling probiotic tea, Soul Brew is easily becoming a brand favorite.

Our mission is to create, promote and influence culture for better health. We guarantee premium quality ingredients loaded with deliciousness. In addition, we graciously offer multiple flavor profiles far beyond your traditional kombucha taste.

What started as one home brewed gallon of kombucha in 2018, has blossomed into fully functioning processing and bottling operation. In 2019, Soul Brew secured a commercial kitchen space inside The Tandem where 30 gallons of kombucha were brewed monthly; sold in 12 oz. bottles and on tap. Soul Brew sold at farmers markets, live music venues, and bars. Today, even in the midst of a pandemic, Soul Brew continues to strive and contribute to the health and satisfaction of its customers. Soul Brew is now brewing and distributing over 100 gallons of its kombucha immuniTEA building goodness per month. Streams of revenue flow in from its online retail store, and wholesale accounts from distributing partnering online stores, health stores, bars and spas. It is responsible for bringing attention to low traffic sites and stores because of its continued support and positive value in the community.

Eventually securing brick and mortar would allow us the opportunity to scale up and develop a fulfillment facility built to brew, ferment, bottle, store and ship both locally and nationwide. Our long-term plan is to build out space to serve as a tea room with entertainment space, community work space and a kitchen to prepare healthy pairings.


Discover Kombucha

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Sip well, and relish in this immuniTEA!


  • Black Lives Matter (Blueberry, Lemon, Mango)
  • Teachers Aid
  • Ginger Mango Peach
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Hibiscus Punch
  • Ginger Booch (Green Bay)


  • Hibiscus Punch
  • Fruit Punch
  • Apple Tsunami
  • Koffee (Cocoa Mint Cafe’ & Bourbon)
  • Lemonade
  • Cranny-Apple

Leadership Team

Alesia Miller
Founder & CEO
The Soul Behind The Brew

Alesia Miller is a mother, vocalist, teacher, community advocate and now the Founder and CEO of Milwaukee’s first kombucha tea brewing company Soul Brew Kombucha. She has a true passion for brewing and educating on the powerful benefits of Kombucha. As a conscientious brew mistress, using only the finest ingredients local she insists on the highest of quality. Each brew is skillfully crafted in small batches to ensure its full bodied integrity in every sip.