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The Annex HTX (formerly known as The Co-Op HTX) is an innovative real estate development project blending retail and co-working in a central, creative space in Houston. The 10,000 square-foot multi-purpose development features retail shops, private offices, flexible co-working space and communal conference rooms. It aims to become a central hub that draws people in, sparks new ideas, and supports a collaborative community.

Modern co-working space situated in Houston’s East Downtown district (Houston's next "hot spot")
The co-working industry is growing at a "dizzying pace" and Houston remains vastly underserved
Designed and operated by the successful founders of highly acclaimed cafe Tout Suite
Enrolled in the NextSeed Payment Automation Service
This investment is secured by a blanket lien on all assets of the company

Investment Highlights

IssuerThe Collective HTX, LLC
Type of Offering Regulation Crowdfunding
Type of SecuritiesRevenue Sharing Note
Multiple 1.4x
Revenue Sharing Percentage 13.5%
Maturity 48 months
Offered ByNextSeed US LLC


The Annex HTX
Feb 2, 2017

Updated Construction Timeline

We wanted to give you an update on construction at the Annex. We’ve made some exciting progress on the space including putting in a new roof, installing our HVAC system and ducts, and bringing in a large electrical transformer and power to the end of the Annex.

We’ve ordered all the glass doors and windows and look forward to getting those installed. We’ve also purchased all the lounge furniture so that we can create an inspiring environment for our tenants.

We are currently scheduled to be finished with construction at the end of March and can’t wait to share the finished space with everyone.


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