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I have the same question as Benjamin. By the 3rd year your sales have increased 80% while your cost of goods only increases by 40%. You are doubling your sales, but your cost of goods is halved. Please explain. Thank you.
Thanks for your questions, Benjamin and Ella! The reason why we do not expect proportional increases in revenue and cost is simple: scaling. Currently, most of our ingredients are bought at retail prices. However, as we expand with an additional truc ...
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Please help me understand how you intend to double your sales while cutting your COGS in half? Thank you.
I invested in Dumpling because they have a successful track record, I love Korean food, I love dumplings and I love food trucks! (and, I love Nextseed)
Why does the payment calculator for this investment seem to be off. Shouldn't the total repayment for 15% interest be more? For example the calculator projects a total payment of $668 on a $500 investment. Using online calculators I'm getting a to ...
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Hi Joseph. Think of this investment as a loan, and not an investment account. The amount that you loan to the dumpling brothers will be payed back to you little by little over 48 months. The payment you receive will include interest and some of the o ...
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Got it. Thanks!