From the team behind Houston’s hit restaurant, Nobie’sThe Toasted Coconut will bring a touch of tropical to Texas with its tiki-inspired drinks and innovative food menu. Featuring a tropical patio complete with a sandy beach area and lush plants, The Toasted Coconut will be an island escape right in the heart Houston.  

Tiki bar and restaurant from an award-winning team of Houston industry veterans
An island escape in the heart of the eclectic Montrose neighborhood
Innovative cocktails from the “Best Bartender in Houston” made with house-made syrups & fresh ingredients
Chef and restaurateur from former Michelin star kitchens
Large patio with beach sand, tropical plants, and palm leaf palapa


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The Toasted Coconut
June 22, 2019

Thank you so much!

We wish to personally thank you for investing in The Toasted Coconut through NextSeed and welcome you to our family! We have totally remodeled the restaurant, and are on track to open later this summer.  Our goal is to create the feeling of walking into an island paradise, and your investment dollars have helped us meet this goal.  We have a large palapa for covered outdoor dining, and will have a sandbox in the sunny areas where we invite you to take off your shoes and relax.  Many of our investors will receive bonus rewards, and as we are closer to opening, we will send additional details about those rewards.
We invite you to go to our website to see more details, and to enroll in our mailing list.  https://www.gettoastedhtx.com/
You can also follow us on facebook, Instagram and other social media through @gettoastedhtx.
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We look forward to sharing creative cocktails and clever cuisine with you very soon!

Company Description

The Toasted Coconut plans to add a touch of tropical to Houston’s Montrose neighborhood. A tiki concept from the team behind Nobie’s — one of Houston’s most beloved and elevated neighborhood hangouts — The Toasted Coconut will be a tropical escape showcasing Caribbean, Latin American and Southeast Asian cuisines with a 1,500-square-foot patio.

The Toasted Coconut’s head chef and co-founder Martin Stayer was working as a hiking guide when he realized he was enjoying entertaining the hikers and cooking meals for them more than the hiking itself. A chance encounter with a few chefs out on the trails one day inspired Stayer to take his love of the natural world and put it into practice in the kitchen. It was the start of a culinary journey which took him to Michelin-starred restaurants in Chicago, before moving back to Houston to open his own space, Nobie’s.

Interior of Nobie's Restaurant

A tribute to Martin’s grandmother, Nobie’s is a home for great quality food without any of the pretension of fine dining. It has become the go-to spot for many Houston chefs and restaurant industry professionals to relax off the clock and enjoy seasonal, farm-to-table dishes inspired by Stayer’s experiences. The restaurant also became a place of refuge for an even larger community in the aftermath of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, which fortunately left Nobie’s untouched.

Following over two years of outstanding reviews at Nobie’s, the same successful team is opening a tiki-inspired bar and restaurant nearby, aiming to create a tropical oasis in one of the countries largest urban areas.

While the food will be of the same caliber as the acclaimed Nobie’s menu, the drinks are set to be the stars of the show. Nobie’s bar director, Sarah Troxell, is working to develop an expansive menu of killer cocktails using housemade syrups and fresh ingredients. Classics such as Mai Tai and Planter’s Punch will make appearances, along with balanced cocktails to fit any patrons palette. Although rum is most known when is comes to tiki-themed cocktails, Troxell will utilize other spirits as well in her cocktail program.

Sarah Troxell preparing tiki-inspired cocktails

In contrast to other tiki concepts in Houston, The Toasted Coconut will be the first to have a chef-curated menu. Martin will continue sourcing ingredients from local, independent, and sustainable purveyors. The menu will combine Martin’s Michelin-starred experience and unfussy presentation to create offerings inspired by the 20th Parallel: a circle of latitude encompassing Cuba, China, Hawaii, India, Laos, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam, among others.

All of this will be served in a bright, inviting, and colorful space that seats over 100 people. The large 1,500-square-foot patio will feature a beach area with real sand and chairs surrounded by giant lush tropical plants and a palm palapa. Dedicated event space will enable the restaurant to host private parties on site, and Martin’s love of music and vintage sound systems will ensure The Toasted Coconut always has a perfect atmosphere dialed in.

With the opening of The Toasted Coconut, Houstonians will be able to experience an island escape right in the heart of the city.

Business Model

Prior to opening their Houston ventures, Martin and Sara Stayer helped open several restaurants in Chicago with the Hogsalt group (3 Arts Club Cafe, Au Cheval, The Doughnut Vault), and are well experienced in the business of launching new concepts. With The Toasted Coconut, they’ll benefit from having the necessary Houston industry connections, as well as community support from fans of the nearby Nobie’s.

Also on their side will be Nobie’s bartender, Sarah Troxell. A key part of the team involved in the development of The Toasted Coconut, it was her passion for tiki drinks that sparked the concept’s inception. Troxell is one of the most recognizable bartenders in the city, having recently won “Best Bartender” in the 2019 Houston Tastemaker Awards, and will be heading up the bar program at The Toasted Coconut.

Due to the success of Nobie’s, which boasts a Zagat rating as well as 4.5-star ratings or higher on Facebook, Yelp, and Google, the opening of The Toasted Coconut is already being keenly watched by several of Houston’s most influential food industry publications. Eater Houston, Houstonia magazine, and Culturemap Houston have each written multiple articles since the announcement of the new project. To generate excitement and buzz around the new business, Nobie’s has been hosting Toasty Tuesdays, where guests and media members have sampled previews of The Toasted Coconut’s menu of food and drinks.

One bite salad with pickled crawfish (left) and Reverse pastor with Indonesian "queso" and roti

Part of the excitement no doubt stems from the current popularity of tiki concepts. Bon Appetit declared tiki drinks to be in vogue in late 2018, and a tiki bar in Seattle won the Tales of the Cocktail conference’s Spirit Award for best new American cocktail bar. Being one of the nation’s foodie front lines, Houston is no exception to the tiki trend’s renaissance, but unlike the city’s existing tiki bars, The Toasted Coconut will set itself apart with its brighter decor and full menu of food created by an acclaimed chef.

While the tiki concept is undeniably trendy, it also has a history dating back to the 1930’s and gaining more popularity after World War II. The execution and attention to detail will turn The Toasted Coconut into a business with staying power that will respect the long time culture, but be unique in its own right similar to their current establishment, Nobie’s. Martin has a proven track record of considering the freshness, quality, and sustainability of all the ingredients he sources from local and independent purveyors. This means that The Toasted Coconut will be known as a place for an outstanding meal or drink, rather than a kitschy watering hole relying on its novelty appeal.

In addition to their commitment to top-shelf quality, the owners are set on keeping the pricing accessible to all. They aim to have their average food cost below $20 per person, with sharable plates and smaller items like meat skewers enabling people to try several different things in an affordable manner. The hope is that the lower food cost will encourage those visiting for drinks to also eat, and those visiting to eat to also try the show-stopping drinks.

Mapo tofu fries (left) and tiki-inspired cocktail (right)

By deciding to change the menu once every quarter rather than every month as they do at Nobie’s, The Toasted Coconut will save on food costs, adding to the saving they’ll realize through their commitment to low food waste. Many of the restaurant’s lunch options will utilize ingredients from the dinner menu, and any items underperforming on the menu will be repurposed to avoid spoilage and wasted produce. Both food and labor costs will be kept at 35% or less.

Branded merchandise such as t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and ceramics will be for sale at the bar, and with the event space there is a significant opportunity for private functions to become a substantial revenue stream. Further down the line, The Toasted Coconut also hopes to expand into offering offsite catering and event planning, expanding their reach, footprint, and sales.

Location Analysis

The Toasted Coconut will be located at 1617 Richmond Avenue in the Montrose neighborhood.

Montrose is known for its artsy destinations for foodies, creatives, and fans of quirky establishments. Its central location, small town feel, and fantastic proximity to the heart of downtown has helped it flourish. In 2017, Eater declared Montrose the city’s hottest neighborhood for dining.

Montrose is also a hotbed for The Toasted Coconut’s target demographic of young professionals without kids, the keenest group of restaurant diners and the most likely to enjoy trendy new dining and drinking destinations. The Toasted Coconut’s specific zip code has experienced significant growth in high-density housing in the past decade, and the average household income is close to six figures.

In addition, Montrose is one of the city’s major cultural hubs. Known as “The strangest place east of the Pecos”, it seems the perfect spot for an eccentric bar concept. The famed Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel are just blocks away, and midtown and downtown are easily accessible.


Martin Stayer graduates from the Western Culinary Institute and begins working at Moto, in Chicago.
November 2016
Stayer opens Nobie’s in Houston.
February 2019
Begins hosting Toasty Tuesdays pop-up events to generate buzz around a new restaurant concept.
June 2019
The Toasted Coconut scheduled to open.

Meet the Team

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Martin Stayer
Co-Owner & Executive Chef

Martin Stayer graduated from the Western Culinary Institute in 2005 and was recruited to work at Moto in Chicago, where he learned fine dining and molecular gastronomy. After working at Moto for two years, he remained in Chicago and opened several successful restaurants with the Hogsalt group. He then moved back to his native Houston to open Nobie’s, a restaurant with one of the best bar programs in the city elegantly showcasing the best of Houston’s local produce with none of the fine dining pretension.

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Sara Stayer
Co-Owner & Sommelier

Sara Stayer was a bartender at Naha, a Michelin-Starred Restaurant in Chicago in 2009. She held Front of House management positions with the Hogsalt restaurant group where she met Martin before moving to Houston and becoming the Restaurant General Manager of Karbach Brewing Co in 2016. Sarah co-founded Nobie’s where she currently manages the FOH staff and wine program. Sara is a Certified Level 1 Sommelier.

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Stephen Stayer

Stephen Stayer completed medical school in 1984, and has been employed at Baylor College of Medicine since 1998 with the title of Tenured Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology.  He works full-time at Texas Children’s Hospital as a pediatric anesthesiologist.  He became a business partner with his son, Martin Stayer, and daughter-in-law, Sara Stayer when they opened their first restaurant, Nobie’s.

Bonus Rewards

Early Bird Reward
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First 50 investors who invest $1,000 or more will receive:
  • One complimentary appetizer at The Toasted Coconut


  • Invitation for 2 to The Toasted Coconut Investor Launch Party


  • Invitation for 2 to The Toasted Coconut Investor Launch Party
  • Complimentary Private Event Reservation
    A complimentary reservation of our private event space for one evening of your choice


  • Invitation for 2 to The Toasted Coconut Investor Launch Party
  • Complimentary Private Event Reservation
    A complimentary reservation of our private event space for one evening of your choice
  • Sarah Troxell's Exclusive Bar Consultation
    Exclusive consultation to amp up your home bar. Includes a lesson on making syrups and shrubs to identify your cocktail preferences


  • Invitation for 2 to The Toasted Coconut Investor Launch Party
  • Complimentary Private Event Reservation
    A complimentary reservation of our private event space for one evening of your choice
  • Sarah Troxell's Exclusive Bar Consultation
    Exclusive consultation to amp up your home bar. Includes a lesson on making syrups and shrubs to identify your cocktail preferences
  • One VIP catered party at the Toasted Coconut
    Applicable for up to 15 people hosted in the private dining room

Bonus rewards are offered by the Issuer purely on a voluntary basis and do not influence the terms of the Offering. For the avoidance of doubt, the bonus rewards are not contractual conditions governed by the Note Purchase Agreement and are not enforceable under the Note Purchase Agreement.  


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