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Born in the Philippines and raised in Houston, Phi Nguyen always dreamt of opening a restaurant. In 2012, after leaving corporate life, Nguyen followed his entrepreneurial spirit and took the leap to open the first Waffle Bus food truck. He traveled across the country on a quest for the perfect fried chicken and waffle recipe. Testing hundreds of methods to create each waffle from scratch, he created a proprietary recipe that keeps his waffles light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. One of the secrets: grinding his own flour.

A beloved Houston food truck, The Waffle Bus serves classic fried chicken and waffles as a sandwich along with a variety of innovative waffle combinations, like Chicken Thunder Fries (seasoned waffle fries topped with spicy mayo and ancho chile honey butter). After years of success with mobile cuisine, and bringing in over $950,000 in 2017, Nguyen knew Houston was ready for a brick-and-mortar version.

Permanent brick-and-mortar restaurant of one of Houston’s longest running and Zagat-rated food trucks, The Waffle Bus
Prime location in the trendy Heights neighborhood
The Waffle Bus transforms sweet & savory waffles into sought-after street food with a proprietary batter recipe
Experienced owner with operation, business development, and menu-creation expertise for multiple concepts

Investment Highlights

IssuerThe Waffle Bus Heights LLC
Type of Offering Regulation Crowdfunding
Type of SecuritiesTerm Note
Interest Rate 13.25%
Maturity 54 months , including a 6-month startup period for ramp up
Offered ByNextSeed US LLC


The Waffle Bus
Dec 18, 2018

Permitting Progress

We are thrilled with the excitement received when our campaign was launched! Since then, we are currently on our second round of comments for the permitting process. We should receive the plans back soon to make corrections and submit for a third and hopefully final time. We are still looking at trying to get the building permits approved by end of December so we can begin building at the beginning of January.

Hope all are having a happy holiday month!