Creating fashionable solutions for women actively breastfeeding or pumping and returning to work or resuming an active lifestyle

  • Stylish, functional, affordable apparel for nursing mothers
  • Mothers searching for high-quality, high-performance attire for pumping in the workplace
  • Unique patent-pending designs for discrete pumping and nursing

Meeting the growing demands of an under-served market 

  • Nearly 4 million births each year in the US with 845,000 women actively breastfeeding returning to work each year
  • Approximately 22,000 mothers in the Dept. of Defense

Currently serving two key markets

  • Civilian population (professional working mothers)
  • Military population (Servicewomen within the Defense Dept., Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves)
  • Future market opportunities exist for all uniformed women (nurses, law enforcement, flight attendants, etc.)

Founder Nargis Mougey is a decorated veteran of the United States Army and has unique insight into the needs of an active mother


March 5, 2020

New Maternity Market Research

NextSeed Investors,

Recently released market analysis indicates vast growth potential for the global maternity clothing industry. Zanbazan is ahead of the trend, and well-positioned to fill the current gap in the market. The latest research report on Maternity and Nursing Bras market points to an increased demand for maternity wear over the next decade and underscores the reason that Zanbazan’s mission is crucial, as forecasts indicate that the global maternity wear market is projected to reach nearly $8B by 2028.

As you may know from my story, the inspiration for this product came from my personal experience as a mother. But as this data shows, I am joined by millions of other women all looking for better maternity wear.

Join us as we aim to meet the growing demand from women actively breastfeeding or pumping, and strive to make an impact for the next generation.

Thank you,

Nargis Mougey - Founder, Zanbazan

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Zanbazan, LLC

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Regulation Crowdfunding

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NextSeed Securities, LLC

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Valuation Cap $2,000,000
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Use of Proceeds

Company Description

Zanbazan founder Nargis Mougey is a mother, United States Army veteran, and first-generation immigrant. During Mougey’s service in the US Army, she commanded an all-male field artillery unit. Following her maternity leave, Mougey was acutely aware of the fallibility of postnatal and breastfeeding/pumping clothing, especially for women returning to an active lifestyle. 

She endeavored to discover and create a better way forward for new mothers. With a nod to her familial heritage, Zanbazan (pronounced zahn-ba-zahn), Dari Persian for “woman-to-woman” was formed. 

Determined to find a solution without compromise, Mougey developed the now patent-pending design system that’s set to transform the nursing and pumping experience for new mothers. While the garments available on the current market have snaps and side zippers, they all expose some skin; certainly not ideal for women in the military or in many public or professional environments. 

Mougey fashioned a double-sided and closed-in solution with the zipper hidden beneath the pleat of the garments. When the initial prototype was created, she began wearing it in the field to ensure capability and quality. Satisfied with the system’s performance, the vision for the collection began to take shape and now Zanbazan is primed to revolutionize fashion and function in the postnatal garment industry. 

What is a SAFE?

Zanbazan is offering this investment opportunity as a “SAFE.”  SAFEs (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) are neither a debt instrument nor an equity investment. The unique structure of a SAFE removes the threat of insolvency while providing the investor the opportunity to receive shares at a discount in a future equity round.
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The funds from the NextSeed campaign will go directly towards manufacturing, marketing and working capital for launching Zanbazan. 

Business Model

Maternity wear is a $2 Billion market in the US alone and is quickly headed towards $10 Billion globally. While the growth of this market has been focused on serving women during their pregnancy, there remains a largely underserved market of women that are demanding better options for stylish and functional apparel after birth.

As the gender gap shrinks and professional opportunities for women continue to expand, new mothers are now returning to the workforce more than ever. In conjunction with this trend, women are returning to work with a desire to continue breastfeeding their babies. 

Research has shown the multitude of health benefits of nursing, and moms are now breastfeeding at a higher rate and for a longer period, post-pregnancy. Data from the CDC has shown continued growth in nationwide trends of breastfeeding. In 2015, 83.2% started with breastfeeding (vs. 76.1% in 2009), 57.6% were breastfeeding after 6 months (vs. 46.6% in 2009), and 35.9% were breastfeeding at 12 months (vs. 24.6% in 2009).

With this desire, the need for discrete yet fashionable style options is at an all-time high. Nearly 4 million births occur each year in the US alone, with 845,000 women actively breastfeeding when they return to work.

Because of the founder’s position as a former commanding officer in the US Army, she was readily able to identify a significant gap in the current breastfeeding apparel market from a very unique perspective. With Zanbazan’s one-of-a-kind, patent-pending design, no other brand can satisfy this need for new mothers in this way. While ideal for women in the military reporting for duty, the stylish versatility of the collection is also perfect for civilians, seamlessly translating breastfeeding and pumping to life on or off base.

Created with the budget of working women in mind, the timeless silhouettes can be worn well after breastfeeding, making the garments, in general, a solid investment for the postnatal consumer.

With a competitive price point, Zanbazan will appeal to a wide demographic of new mothers. The brand will launch a pre-order campaign to maximize sales and heighten brand visibility. The athletic wear, blouses and dresses are all currently ready to hit the market with more items to be introduced in the near future. 

Once the utility and design patents are approved, Zanbazan will look towards forging licensing agreements with high-volume retailers such as Banana Republic and The Gap in order to integrate the patent-pending technology into even more styles and brands.
  • Competitive Price Point - $50/$99 (blouse/dress) with a ($12/$24 production cost per unit)
  • Utility and Design patents pending
  • Pre-order campaign
  • Activewear, blouse and dress ready for sales

Be it business, social, or recreational, the Zanbazan designs address the needs of any work or play environment. Additionally, these timeless dresses, blouses and recreational pieces can continue to be effortlessly worn when breastfeeding has ended.  The quality, capability and performance of the Zanbazan garment is a game-changer, not only for the market but for new mothers everywhere.

Material features

  • Pleated design to conceal zippers
  • Closed-in, double-sided zipper
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Will work with all breast pumps
  • Accommodates women of all sizes


  • Designed to be worn post-maternity
  • Classic silhouettes for longevity
  • Glowing reviews from Beta testing with real mothers

Three initial designs

  • Athletic top with moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric technology used in brands like Nike and UnderArmor
  • Mid-length dresses offer a timeless design complete with pleating 
  • Beautifully designed blouses ideal for both work and an evening out

Future design applications

  • Scrubs for medical staff
  • White collared shirts for those in the service industry

Zanbazan’s marketing will focus on the new mother and the family and friends of a new mother.  To maximize the potential reach for this new clothing technology, Zanbazan has retained the services of marketing agency Oostas to manage all digital media and provide ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) services for Zanbazan. Additionally, the brand will leverage social media platforms and word of mouth to market the company and its products.

Zanbazan is the perfect candidate to partner with related maternity companies (e.g. breast pump companies) as well as social media influencers and “mom bloggers.” Initial orders will be delivered directly through the Zanbazan website as well as e-commerce partners such as Amazon and eBay. However, moving forward, the goal is to be sold through brick & mortar retailers such as Target and the Army and Air Force Exchange.

  • Marketing agency Oostas to manage all digital media
  • Leverage social media platforms
  • Partner with related maternity products
  • Sales via website and e-commerce partners


November 2016
Birth of Mougey’s second son, Gabe
February 2017
Mougey took command of Field Artillery unit
May 2017
Developed first prototype garments
December 2017
Filed for a provisional patent
April 2019
Mougey places 2nd out of 64 in Aggie Pitch competition, hosted by Texas A&M University’s McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship
April 2019
Mougey places 1st in Pitch Competition in the Veterans Business Battle, hosted by Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business
Spring 2020
Planned date to begin online sales from Zanbazan.com

Meet the Team

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Nargis Mougey

Nargis Mougey attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer. She was the 1st female cannon platoon leader to the Army’s only Airborne M777 unit. In addition to her undergraduate degree and decorated service in the Army, Mougey holds two Master’s degrees (an MBA and Masters in Kinesiology). Mougey currently teaches in the Department of Physical Education at the United States Military Academy at  West Point, NY.

Bonus Rewards

Early Bird Reward
47 remaining
First 50 investors who invest $2,000 or more will receive:
  • 33% one time discount off entire cart from Zanbazan.com


  • 25% one time discount off any 1 item from Zanbazan.com


  • 40% one time discount off entire cart from Zanbazan.com


  • 20% lifetime discount (non-stackable) from Zanbazan.com
  • 1 free garment piece from Zanbazan.com


  • 30% lifetime discount (non-stackable) from Zanbazan.com
  • 4 free garment pieces from Zanbazan.com


  • 2 free garment pieces from Zanbazan.com
  • Create your own style of Zanbazan clothing and have the style named after you
    Note: Limitations apply, as the patented design works best with certain cuts and styles.




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