After a Campaign Closes

Businesses expect to make monthly payments directly into your NextSeed account. NextSeed receives a 1% administrative fee for each payment a business makes to you.

Any payments from businesses will be tracked as “Net Payments Received” in your account and will be deposited as “Available Cash.” You can reinvest your funds in a new deal or withdraw them easily.

Each offering may have a different starting time to begin paying investors, depending on the specific terms of the investment. If the offering is a Term Note, businesses expect to make payments one full calendar month after the deal closes (e.g. if the deal closes early July, payments start in September). If the offering is a Revenue Sharing Note, payments will generally begin after the first full month after the business begins operations and starts generating revenues. In some cases, a startup period will be part of the terms, and a business may have an additional buffer period before payments begin. See the explanations for How Revenue Sharing Notes Work and How Term Notes Work to learn more.

Businesses expect to send out updates on their progress and bonus rewards via email.

If and when a business opens, you can visit and bring your friends!

All investments include risk and could result in total loss. To find out more, see Investing is Risky.