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Individual Investment Account

You can immediately invest by creating an individual NextSeed investment account.

Investments are made in the account holder’s name.

Regulation Crowdfunding investment rules apply to each person individually, and therefore investments cannot be “gifted” or made in anyone else’s name other than the account holder. Even if you are an accredited investor, the investment limits apply across the board.

Joint calculation. Note that for married couples, the account holder may calculate annual income or net worth by jointly including the spouse’s income or assets. However, if income or assets are calculated jointly, each spouses’ crowdfunding investments together cannot exceed the limit that would apply to an individual investor at that annual income or net worth level.

Regulation D 506(c) investments can only be made by accredited investors, as there are no limits to how much you can invest. You will need to verify your accredited investor status after your initial account has been created. In your Investor Dashboard, you can submit your documents to verify your accredited investor status by going to Profile > Limits. 

You can easily create a NextSeed Investment Account and link your checking account.