Any payment made from a business to an investor is deposited directly into your NextSeed Investment Account, where it will show up as Available Cash. You can withdraw it or reinvest it as you like.

You will also receive an email when your payments have arrived in your account.

You can track all your payments in your NextSeed Account Center. NextSeed receives a 2% administrative fee for each payment a business makes to you.

Regulation Crowdfunding

Payments from businesses start processing in the first half of each month but may not hit your account at the same time each month, due to variables such as bank processing times and holidays.

Learn more about how payments work for term notes and revenue sharing notes.

Note that payments are not guaranteed and that, in the event of a default, NextSeed will take commercially reasonable steps on behalf of investors to facilitate the collection of any outstanding amounts due. This does not mean that full, partial or any payment will necessarily be returned to investors.

Regulation D 506(c) preferred equity distributions

Preferred equity distributions vary by deal. Please see the terms of the offering for specifics.

Note that distributions are not guaranteed and may be at the discretion of the business.