Self-directed IRA Investment Account

You can begin investing in local businesses with a self-directed NextSeed IRA. Get the benefits of investing with a retirement account (Traditional and Roth IRA options available).

The minimum opening deposit is $5,000.

Under Regulation Crowdfunding, investment limits apply—your annual income and net worth must both be at least $100,000 in order to qualify for the $5,000 Regulation Crowdfunding investment limit.

Under Regulation D 506(c), the owner of the IRA must be an accredited investor in order to invest through an IRA.

You can easily create an IRA Investment Account online. NextSeed will assist in collecting the required entity documentation needed by GoldStar.

Please note that it may take a few days or up to a few weeks to collect and review documentation and fund your account, depending on your funding source. You will need to return to to make your investment after your account has been funded.

Promotional Offer: For new NextSeed IRA Accounts, NextSeed will cover the one-time setup fee and annual account fees for four years! For full details, go to the Terms and Conditions.

NextSeed is not a tax, investment or legal advisor and does not provide any tax, investment, or legal advice; please consult your own advisors or IRS guidelines to determine whether investing in NextSeed offerings through a self-directed IRA is right for you.