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Self-directed IRA Investment Account

Investing on NextSeed is available for Individual Retirement Accounts. Your NextSeed IRA*, which can be a self-directed Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRA, can be funded through contributions, transfers and rollovers from Qualified Retirement Plans (such as 401(k), 403(b), pension and/or 457 plans). The minimum deposit to open an IRA account is $2,200.

Under Regulation D, Rule 506(c), the owner of the IRA must be an accredited investor in order to invest through an IRA.

You can easily create an IRA Investment Account online. NextSeed will assist in collecting the required IRA documentation needed by GoldStar. Please note that it may take a few days or up to a few weeks to collect and review documentation and fund your account, depending on your funding source. You will need to return to www.nextseed.com to make your investment after your account has been funded.

*IRAs on NextSeed are held by GoldStar Trust Company

Who is my IRA custodian?

To ensure a seamless service for your investments through NextSeed, we have partnered with GoldStar Trust Company, who will be the custodian for your NextSeed IRA. All IRA services for purposes of NextSeed investments are offered solely through GoldStar. NextSeed and GoldStar are not affiliated with one another, and NextSeed does not receive any fees from GoldStar in connection with new IRA accounts established by NextSeed members. Your uninvested IRA funds with GoldStar are FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Can I convert my regular NextSeed investment account to a NextSeed IRA?

No. A regular investment account at NextSeed cannot be converted to a NextSeed IRA. You may fund your IRA for investments on NextSeed with a cash contribution (check or wire transfer) or transfer or rollovers from your existing IRA or a Qualified Retirement Plan.**

**This funding mechanism is specific to NextSeed; a taxpayer’s general ability to convert IRA accounts may differ. Investors should consult their tax advisors to determine whether a proposed transfer is permissible. 

What are the advantages of investing with a NextSeed IRA?

A NextSeed IRA allows you to combine the returns of an investment in NextSeed offerings with the potential tax advantages of a retirement account. The IRS provides favorable tax treatment on IRA accounts. See the IRS guide to IRAs.

Are there any additional fees for setting up a NextSeed IRA?

*Current Promotion* Good news, NextSeed is currently running a promotion covering your fees! See the full terms & conditions.

GoldStar charges a one-time account establishment fee of $25 to open a NextSeed IRA, which must be paid separately at account opening. GoldStar also charges an annual fee of $65 to maintain the account, which may be paid separately or deducted from amounts transferred to NextSeed IRA.

There is a $100 account termination fee for closing your IRA – see GoldStar IRA Fee Schedule for more information.

As with regular investment accounts, NextSeed charges a service fee equal to 2.0% of each payment made to investors in connection with their investments on NextSeed to cover transaction and administrative costs.

Can I take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from a NextSeed IRA?

Yes, you can take a RMD from your NextSeed IRA. Please note that it is your responsibility to have cash available for withdrawal. To request a RMD, please contact IRAsupport@nextseed.com.

Are there any tax documents provided to investors with IRA accounts?

Investors with IRAs will not need to annually report their earnings to the IRS; therefore, NextSeed is not required to and will not provide Forms 1099 for IRAs.

How do I close an IRA?

Please email IRAsupport@nextseed.com to start the process. There is a $100 account termination fee for closing and/or transferring your IRA to another institution.

NextSeed is not a tax, investment or legal advisor and does not provide any tax, investment, or legal advice; please consult your own advisors or IRS guidelines to determine whether investing in NextSeed offerings through a self-directed IRA is right for you.