2018 Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Another year has come and gone. Whether or not you believe in the practice of setting annual resolutions, the turn of the year is an undeniably convenient time to reflect and reevaluate some of your priorities. Here are some of our top tips for excellence in 2018. 

Escalate Social  

Almost all brick and mortar businesses have some sort of digital marketing presence by now; it’s an invariably cheap way to consistently engage with your customers, boost brand recognition, and generate more inbound traffic, higher SEO results and brand authority. But are you using your social media presence to its fullest potential?  

Simply by ramping up your postings in both quantity and quality, social media can become one of the most efficient, cost-conducive tools in your sales arsenal. The name of the game is “social,” so don’t be afraid to get involved in conversations, especially ones relevant to your brand or your target consumers. It’ll help build trust, awareness, and your brand’s apparent expertise as an industry thought leader. 

Which social media channels should you focus on though, when seemingly new ones pop up every day? Facebook boasts over 2 billion users, and Facebook-owned Instagram is fast on its way to hitting a billion itself. The two biggest platforms are also the ones most conducive to business. Facebook not only allows you the engagement opportunities you want, but also allows you to inexpensively and effectively advertise.  

Ditto on Instagram, since it recognized its potential as the shop window it is. Facebook is slowly rolling out the ability for businesses to tag shoppable products in their photos, and the format of photos — plus an increasing quantity of video content, if that’s in your wheelhouse — gives an unparalleled opportunity to share the story behind the product. Analytics platforms allow you to track your impressions and engagement across all your social channels, giving you valuable insights and feedback. 

Give Your Homepage a Makeover 

An aesthetically pleasing website should be the hub of all your operations into the various online spheres, and the place you’re proud to guide your customers to. No matter how successful your brick and mortar, it’s a simple fact that more people will be able to access your brand on the web than in person. Your website is often the first impression and point of contact you’ll make with potential customers, so you should put as much effort into making it a pleasant experience as you do with your physical space.  

Time for an upgrade? There are plenty of services that will allow you to build a beautiful, expert quality site regardless your level of web-savvy. Companies like Wix and Squarespace even make it as simple as drag and drop, with support centers and customer service reps available to help walk you through any questions.  

Become a Master Manager  

The digital drumbeat the world marches on isn’t the only thing to consider as we enter a new sales year. There’s always something to be said for getting more out of your real live employees.  

Now more than ever it’s important to recognize your employees as human beings first, and employees second. Support them in all aspects of their professional and personal lives, and don’t be shy about doling out deserved praise, recognition, and extra responsibilities to show your faith in them.  

That level of respect will get you far in terms of motivating them to do their best job every day, but some other ways to get the most out of your work force are by offering desirable, achievable incentives, and making sure you and your management staff are consistently modeling the behavior you wish to see company-wide. Lead by example.  

Spend Less Time on the Tedious Things 

Lastly, simplify where you can. The world is an increasingly hectic and fast-paced place, and the last thing you need is anything to be overcomplicated — like your admin work.  

Digitize as much as possible to save time and effort in maintaining physical records, and consider investing in an online backroom management suite, like Justworks, Gusto, or Square Payroll to centralize and simplify your payroll, benefits, and HR work. There is sure to be enough stress in the year ahead without overcomplicating your business’s administrative tasks.  

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